From Pot Wash to Head Chef

By Kathryn Slade Matthew Head Chef 620

Matthew changed job regularly, from petrol station attendant, cleaner, fitting wooden floors, nothing seemed to capture him, and nothing made him want to put any effort in.

5 years ago he came to Bluestone to be a pot wash, this was just a stop gap, and he had no intentions of staying. He thought he would get some money gathered up and go off and do something else.

“I’d never cooked professionally before, just quick and easy meals in the house”.  He started to get curious watching the “proper” chefs; he’d always watched cooking programmes as a child.

He was a Kitchen Porter for six months in The Yard then he was offered a taster shift on the former take away area.

Then he started reading, watching YouTube videos and practicing at home. His manager Pratik noticed the passion that he had to learn and he was promoted to Commis Chef.

He learnt more about the basics and increased his skills, focusing on different cooking techniques, prepping fruit and vegetables that he’d never even heard of and started to develop his palate.

Mussels at the Farmhouse Grill

As the service changed from buffet to restaurant service, an new opportunity arose and Matthew was given more responsibilities. He was promoted to Sous Chef and started to look after stock and order produce and was soon made Chef De Partie.

Under the guidance of the Head Chef, and his line manager, he refined his people skills and learnt how to manage a team. Matthew worked hard to further his skills  in the kitchen and says he’s still learning now.

Our Bluestone chefs have the opportunity to attend training sessions out of the business and have recently completed courses in curing and smoking, pasta making and they’ve enjoyed a trip to River Cottage.

18 months ago, Matthew became Head Chef of the Farmhouse Grill. Once he’d made it to Chef De Partie his goal was to become a Head Chef. He now manages a team of chefs, he’s always looking into new culinary trends, as well as researching and working on menu ideas. He teaches others that are coming up through the kitchen, helping today’s pot wash to become tomorrow’s head chef.

On an average week the Farmhouse Grill serves over 1400 meals to our guests at Bluestone.

“I’ve worked for a lot of companies but with Bluestone there were avenues for me to progress and I was encouraged to be the best version of myself I could be.”

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