Fun Indoor Games To Keep Children Active

Indoor Games For Active Children

It's not easy keeping children occupied when they have to stay inside, so try some of these games that can be played in the house. Not only will they keep them busy and happy, it's a great way to ensure they're keeping active too. 

Games for Children of All Ages

Obstacle Course 

This is a fun and creative game to try, just make sure you move anything out the way that could be broken!

Indoor games - obstacle race 

Set up: Anything you have in the house (if it’s safe) like chairs, blankets, cushions, even your workout ball or skipping rope. 

How To play: Either indoors or outdoors, set up your different obstacles and plan a route they must follow. It’s a great game to get creative and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like depending on your children. Why not lay a blanket on the floor they have to crawl through or making them do 10 skips of the jump rope before they can get onto the next challenge. 

If you haven’t got much stuff to use, set little challenges instead like “do 10 jumping jacks” or “pick up a toy without using your hands”. 

Finding it too easy? Make it harder: Everyone always struggles against the clock, so why not time your children to see who can do it quickest. 

Balloon Ball 

Keep the balloon up in the air, don’t let it touch the ground. Make it more exciting by creating a net and pass between others.

Indoor Games - Balloon Ball

Set up: All you need is a few balloons, blown up and an empty space, but make sure to remove anything that might smash before you start!

How to play: Balloon ball is simple, fun and doesn’t need much planning! The aim of the game is to simply stop the balloon from hitting the ground or touching any furniture. Sounds easy? Not always! The easiest way to play is to for each person to have a balloon and compete to see who can keep it in the air before it touches the ground or ant furniture. 

It might start simple, but soon they’ll be diving all over the room trying to keep their balloon in the air. There are a few variations of this such as volley balloon ball, which is great for two people to play. Create a “net” the centre of your play space and hit it back between you, if it touches the line you lose a point. Even the most energetic kids will be tired out by this one. 

Finding it too easy? Make it harder: Combine it with an obstacle course where they have to get themselves and the balloon around and you’ll have them entertained all day. 


This is a playground classic you can play anywhere and is great for kids to play alone or in a group. 

Indoor Games - Hopscotch

Set up: If you have outdoor space available to play in, sketch out a basic hopscotch grid from 1 – 10. Chalk can be used on patio stones or concrete, but if that’s not an option get creative and use stones and twigs. If you can only play indoors, use a cardboard box or sheets of paper to create the grid or draw chalk – if it washes off of course. 

Make sure the squares are big enough to stand in and if you are short on space, just try a grid of 7. The top number is usually somewhere you stop for a rest, so why not call it something fun. For us it’s always going to be Camp Smokey – the best place to enjoy time out. Once that’s done find a stone/pebble or small object you can throw (and not cause any damage with!) like a beanbag, rolled up sock or even a toy. 

How To play: Everyone lines up for their go, the first person throws the stone and tries to get it in one of the squares. If they do, they get to hop onto the grid, always keeping only one leg on each tile. They must go up the grid, stop at the top, turn around and back down to the start, picking up the small object on the way.

Remember! If they step out the grid, step on a line, hop in the wrong square or put two feet down in the same square at the same time, they’re out! Finding it too easy? 

Make it harder: See who can do it the fastest! You’ll be surprised who starts wobbling when they’re doing it against the clock. 

Musical Statues 

A favourite for all kids parties, everyone dances until the music stops! Whoever is moving is out. For smaller groups, see who can last the longest without moving or laughing! Another kids party classic! Musical statues is fun and gets you moving. 

indoor games - musical statues

Set up: All you need is some space and music. 

How to play: Get the music going, get the kids moving and then when they least expect stop it. They have to stand as still as they can and if anyone moves, they’re out. Play until there’s only one person left. For small groups, everyone stays in but whenever someone moves or laughs a point goes to the other players. 

Finding it too easy? Make it harder: If they’re too good, try adding some tickling or making them laugh to see if they break. 

Sardines/Hide and Seek 

If you have a few children to entertain – and enough hiding spaces – Hide and Seek and Sardines are great games to play over and over, without getting bored. 

Indoor activities - hide and seek

Set-up: You just need a few children (adults can play too) and some hiding places. 

How to play: Hide and Seek is a classic that all children should get a chance to play. There’s one “seeker” and the rest are “hiders”. The “seeker” has to find the hidden “hiders”, who once found join as “seekers”. The last “hider” found is the winner who becomes the next “seeker”. 

Like the traditional Hide and Seek, Sardines flips the concept on its head. There’s one “hider”, who must go off and hide somewhere. Then the rest are “seekers”, who have to find the “hider”. When they do, they hide with them and the loser is the last one to find the group. They then become the next “hider”. 

Not got a group? No problem! If you have an only child you can still play a version of hide and seek by instead hiding different items they have to find. A bit like a treasure hunt, whether it’s a selection of toys or a ball, place them around a room or the house while they count and then let them go and find them! 


If you can’t go to the bowling alley, let it come to you! 

Indoor Games - Bowling_Skittles

Set up: If you've got a skittles set, great or use up turned plastic glasses or bottles. You'll also need a ball, or rolled up sock if you don’t have one. 

How To play: Find a narrow, flat area of floor with a smooth surface, probably not one for carpet. Arrange the bottles in a triangle shape at one end, with the point of the triangle facing you. You can use up to 10, but if you don’t have enough you arrange any amount – if it creates a triangle. Next, create a magic line you must throw from and compete to knock the pins down. 

It’s a great game you can keep playing for as long as you want - just remember to recycle the bottles after. 

Tip: If you’re struggling to make the bottles stand up add a little weight by filling them with a small amount of water.

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