Getting Crafty this Christmas

By Kerry Curson crafts

As promised, we present to you, our best attempts at being creative after we tagged along to a Christmas Craft Workshop at Bluestone this week. Now, as with all things in life it's the taking part that counts, we are certainly no professional artists but we're pretty sure we were having as much fun as all of the children - if not more!

We were welcomed by picnic benches full of countless colourful craftifacts, and it felt like being back in nursery all over again - we were only missing the cartons of milk and cookies - there were sweets though, all ready to go in our homemade sweet boxes at the end of our session.


We were set off with some blank canvasses to get us started, a whole host of festive salt dough templates to be decorated and our sweet boxes were all set for our imaginations to run their crazy feet across them.


This little guy was my chosen item, what better than a homemade reindeer to live on your Christmas tree, all ready to be shown off to friends. There were stars, Christmas trees and all sorts of other treasures to choose from. We started a little slowly, but once we got stuck in with the sparkles, gems and PVA glue we found our flow as quick as you can say Merry Christmas! We had a gemmed up star...


Some tissue papered, sparkly, speckled Christmas trees and a reindeer with a red button for his nose, to ensure that he of course became Rudolph - the most famous reindeer of all.



In fact we were feeling so creative, that we completely freestyled this cute little fella too!

 We named him Udolpho (because he looks like a Udolpho and what else do you call a feathery, red nosed creature?). We did have some help with our sweety box, but this also turned out to be quite acceptable...



All in all, we had a great time (and we're nearing 30 - ish) so we're pretty sure that even the toughest-to-please-tots are going to love this activity. Our hosts were so helpful and we were completely absorbed for the entire hour! So much so that we actually forgot to collect the sweets for our Rudolph box at the end. This being the only disappointment :(

Guests can book this session via the 'Manage Your Booking' portle of our website.


Happy Crafting!




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