Gio Compario Compares His Stay At Bluestone

Don’t worry if you hear some classical singing at Bluestone this week, it’ll most likely be Welsh tenor Wynne Evans – better known to millions of TV viewers as Gio Compario from the famous insurance comparison site advert.

“Well, Bluestone day has arrived…we had the usual nightmare loading the bikes onto the car – why am I just too short to put the bikes on the roof of the car? We’re off so queue the constant ‘are we nearly there yet’.

“And when I stopped to buy a coffee en-route, you would swear I had ruined the children’s lives as they protested “oh dad now we’re never going to have time to get into the Blue Lagoon tonight.” Thankfully a tweet from Bluestone confirmed that the waterpark was open until 9pm.”

“Arriving at Bluestone is like coming home. It feels comfortable and the scenery is breath-taking, even when it’s raining, as it was on our arrival yesterday.

“I have to be honest in that I was slightly apprehensive about this trip to Bluestone, as we had booked it with my dad. He used to love the trips from Carmarthen to join us here. Sadly since our last trip here in October my dad died, and so I wasn’t sure how I would feel returning to the same lodge as we had last been in with my him.  I needn’t have worried as all the happy memories of the time we spent here came flooding back and made me smile.

“Having unloaded the car I headed off to fetch my transport for the week… the golf buggy. So feeling like Andy Powell, off we set to the waterpark – the Blue Lagoon. The kids seem to be worried that I’m going to get wedged in the slide, because of my portly nature. Fortunately, even I managed the slides.

“Back to Bartholomew Rise in time to be über lazy and call out for a take away from one of the on-site restaurants……”I’ll be over to pick it up,” I say, “Oh no” says the voice on the other end of the phone, “you don’t want to come out in this weather….we’ll deliver it to you’.”  Well I am on holiday.

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