Great Bluestone Bake Off 2016

By Mary Bluestone Berry Bluestone Bake Off

The wait is over. It’s time for the return of the Great Bluestone Bake Off!

The aprons are ready, the ovens are hot and the proof is in the pudding.

This time it is up to you who takes on the challenge so be sure to check out our Facebook page every week for your chance to vote and put us to the test.

So without further ado, we are proud to present this year’s Bluestone Bakers...

Ready, set... Bake!

Name: Megan

Department: Commercial

Speciality: Carrot Cake 


Name:  Kathryn

Department: Marketing

Speciality:  Bakewell Tarts  


Name: Simon     

Department: IT

Speciality: King of Quiche 


Name: Lisa

Department: Marketing

Speciality: Lemon Surprise


Name: Jo

Department: Commercial

Speciality: Brownies


Name: Dan

Department: Marketing

Speciality: Bailey’s Cheesecake


Name: Laura H

Department: Sales

Speciality: Bread

Laura H

Name: Laura M

Department: Marketing

Speciality:  First Time Baker

Laura M

Name: Hannah

Department: Sales

Speciality: Cupcakes


Name: Eirian

Department: Marketing

Speciality: Son of a Baker, Sausage Roll Maker


Name: Emma

Department: Sales

Speciality: Biscuits


Name: Glenn

Department: Marketing

Speciality: Shop bought cakes.


May your biscuits have a great snap and your bottoms never be soggy.

Who should bake!?

You Decide!

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