Great British Bake Off

By Kathryn Slade Great British Bake Off

Bake off fever has hit Bluestone!

We have had our very own British Bluestone Bake Off to celebrate.

Six of us in Marketing baked last night before the start of series 6! The whole team are big fans of the show so we were happy to get our bake on.

We were asked to bake a cake of our choice and as luck would have it so were the TV Bake Off Contestants.

Here is how we got on...


Annie baked a ‘Bluestone Blueberry Bonanza with Lemon Curd Loaf Cake’.

Great British Bake Off

Eirian made ‘Miller’s Coffee and Wild Wood Walnut Cupcakes’.

Great British Bake Off

Glenn ‘baked’ a ‘Cheat’s Football Celebration Cake’.

Great British Bake Off 

Harriet baked a ‘Blue Lagoonberry Genoise Cake’.

Great British Bake Off


Kathryn made ‘Bluestone Secret Village Butterfly Cakes’.

Great British Bake Off 


Lisa made ‘Camp Smokey Crunch’.

Great British Bake Off


Next week it’s Biscuit week! Have a look our blog to see what brilliant bakes we can cook up!

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