Great Free Range Fun No Matter What The Weather

Do you remember the days when you used to go on holiday and not worry about a thing? Climb trees, explore woods, go on a beast hunt, splash around in a pool and just have some messy play?

Well more and more visitors to Bluestone are doing just that because we offer all-weather and all year free range fun and relaxation where you, family and friends can find your wild thing.

And it’s great for parents and grandparents to be able to share the way they used to play without worrying about anything.


We’ve teamed up with Wales Online to get more of you to show us and everyone else just how much fun you can have in the great outdoors – all year and no matter what the weather.

Wales Online has published its “19 Pembrokeshire activities that beat anything you can do indoor.” And there’s some great activities to consider.

But what about you? Why not submit your photos and ideas for great things you can do outdoors in Pembrokeshire while on holiday?

They include:

  • Surf the waves – not the web
  • Instead of FaceTime, make if face-to-face time
  • Walking and walking and walking
  • Embrace the elements – whatever the weather
  • Forget friend requests – make new friends
  • iPedal instead of the iPad

And many more.

Check out the feature, share it and have your say on our Facebook page or Tweet us @bluestonewales.

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