Hands On Visit To Manor House Wildlife Park

By Kathryn Slade Rabbits at Manor House Wildlife Park

It’s Love Your Zoo Week and to celebrate we are giving away tickets to the brilliant Manor House Wildlife Park. TV star Anna Ryder Richardson and her husband Colin have transformed this Pembrokeshire attraction into a unique zoo that specialises in close-up meetings with endangered animals from all over the world in a natural environment.

Me and my colleague Harriet enjoyed an afternoon out together to see what there was to do!

We arrived to ample parking a short walk from the entrance where we then immersed into animal heaven! We were given a map that showed us where everything was on park and we decided that we should start with the Meerkats. In true Meerkat style they were all standing up looking around and taking in the views.  From here we went to say hello to the Pygmy Goats and Kune Kune Pigs.

Rhino at Manor House Wildlife Park

The goats were super friendly and we were able to walk through their enclosure. There were chickens, Cameroon sheep and a tortoise living together here so it was great to see how they interacted with each other.

Our next adventure took us to the Lemur walk-through.  There were four species of Lemurs living in this part they were very inquisitive and came up to see who we were and to check us out!

Then it was on to the Flemish Giant Rabbits. This was the highlight of my day because I love rabbits! The best thing about Manor Park is definitely how close you can get to the animals. Harriet and I sat down in the grass and relaxed in Bunny Paradise. They were very soft and they enjoyed being smoothed. 

Flemish Rabbit at Manor House Wildlife Park

The old Manor House is now home to a delicious café and snack shack. We stopped here for a drink and a snack on our way around. Next door to the house is the gift shop that was full of cute and fun things to take home to remember the day! In front of the house there is a nice picnic area with children’s toys and an amazing wooden carving of a Dragon!

Dragon Play and Picnic Area at Manor House Wildlife Park

Now that we had something to eat we thought we should give the Wallabies something too! We had bought some Wallaby food at the entrance when we arrived so we hoped they were hungry. We went into the Wallaby walkthrough and again it was so exciting to be up close to these animals! Lots of them were looking after very small joeys in their pouches so they were staying away from us but there were a few who took a liking to us! Although it was probably the food that they liked!

Feeding An Albino Wallaby at Manor House Wildlife Park

The next part of our Zoo adventure was the Wildlife Trail. This took us around the Emus and pass Camel Corner. We then got to see the Oryx with their long horns. Pass this was the African Grasslands, here the Rhinos, Zebras and Ostriches were all wandering around enjoy their huge field in the sunshine.

Sitting Camels at Manor House Wildlife Park

We were joined on our way to the Gibbons by a very friendly tabby cat that left us before we entered the next walkthrough. The brilliantly name Steve, Lisa and Bryn were gibboning around together, chatting away while playing and rolling in the grass. We completed our tour of the zoo with the Llamas, Rheas, Prezewalski Horses and the Tapir that enjoyed posing for photos!

Gibbons at Manor House Wildlife Park

We had a great day out at Anna’s Welsh Zoo and we are sure that you will too! Over the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on one of the animals from the Zoo in our blogs so make sure to check back for some fun facts!

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