Healthy Summer Treat Frozen Yoghurt Recipe

By Kerry Curson Frozen yoghurt recipe

This week it has been a real struggle to avoid all of the frozen treats that simply must be consumed in summer time. From chocolate based ice lollies to all sorts of yummy ice cream flavours that are sold across the Bluestone Resort, it’s a tough time of year to stay on the bikini bod bandwagon. 

To help you all stay happy but trim for your summer breaks we’ve come up with a quick and easy recipe for some flavoursome frozen yoghurts – as fun, colourful and tasty as ice cream but over half the calories (your waistline will thank you for it)...And guess what – it’s so easy you’ll ask yourself why you never thought of it sooner.



140g strawberries

½ x 405g can light condensed milk

500g tub 0% fat Greek yogurt


1. Roughly chop half the strawberries and whizz the rest in a food processor or with a stick blender to a purée.

2. In a big bowl, stir the condensed milk into the puréed strawberries then gently stir in the yogurt until well mixed. Fold through the chopped strawberries.

3. Scrape the mixture into a loaf tin or container, pop on the lid or wrap well in cling film and freeze overnight, until solid. Remove from the freezer about 10-15 minutes before you want to serve the frozen yogurt.


This yummy treat can be frozen for up to 1 month and can be made in a variety of flavours – just change the fruit to achieve your desired taste. Some lemon and sugar will give you a zingy summers eve refresher. If you’re still a chocoholic at heart but you want to keep it healthy, simply replace the strawberries with mixed cocoa powder or hot chocolate and add a good blob of honey or natural agave nectar which has an equal flavour to sugar but without the spike in your blood sugar as it is low GI. Agave nectar can be found in most supermarkets.


If you’re dairy free then you can replace the Greek yoghurt with any dairy alternative. Soya based yoghurts have the most neutral flavour allowing your chosen flavour to completely shine through and if you’re taking protein shake as part of your healthy eating plan you can whizz a scoop into the yoghurt ensuring you keep a medium thick consistency before combining all of the ingredients as directed above.


When you want to consume your scrumptious summer time sweet treat, to get the most ice cream- like texture, allow a few minutes for a bit of defrost time and give it a little stir. The strawberry flavour that we have chosen here is just 173 calories per serving! The calories are almost non existent and you get one of your five a day! Perfetto! As the masters of ice cream would say in Italy. 

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