Holiday checklist for families the ultimate packing guide

Family on holiday at Bluestone

How do you prepare for a break with the children? Throw it all in the suitcase or follow a meticulous family holiday checklist?

Whether you barely pack the travel essentials or attempt to transfer your entire wardrobe into five suitcases, this guide is for you.

Because for those who don’t pack enough, how many times have you had to fork out for that vital item while you’re away?

And if you're an overpacker, how often do you get to the end of the holiday realising that 90% of what you’ve packed hasn’t been used, worn or even left the case?

And what about the kids? It used to be a breeze going away, now there’s an endless list of eventualities to consider - from formula to first aid.

That’s why you need our 100% foolproof holiday checklist for families. Because nobody likes packing, let alone planning for packing.

Our top holiday packing tips

 1. Get a decent lightweight suitcase or bag. We can’t overstate this enough.  Get one that’s light enough that it allows you pack a bit more in there and is easy to drag along with wheels, together with handles in the right places.

2. Think about where you are staying. Are they likely to provide the bathroom essentials? Don’t take them then. Leave the hairdryer at home - it takes up way too much space. All of Bluestone’s lodges come with hairdryers, towels and linen - so there’s no need to be forcing that in there.

3. Don’t pack clothes just in case. Chances are you will never were them. Are you going somewhere with the kids that’s informal and relaxed? In which case you probably won’t need that designer evening gown and matching shoes, even if you are desperate to get more wear out of it.

4. Be ruthless. Once you’ve packed, take a third out and pack again. Especially the kids! They’ll probably just spend the whole time in either shorts or swimwear.

5. Wear your coat, jeans, sweater while you travel. It’s easier that way - keep your heavy gear out your luggage if you can. If it’s too hot to wear while you travel you probably shouldn’t be taking it in the first place.

6. Don’t ignore the essentials in your mission to travel light. You will need flip flops, a phone charger and a day bag of some kind.

7. Roll your clothes rather than fold if you’re tight for space - it’s a lot easier to cram it all in that way.

Children playing at sunset

Our essential holiday checklist for families

Things you’ll probably forget

Wallet, with the cards you need and some cash

Camera, if it’s not on your phone

Phone charger

Driving licence - always handy

Day bag - a small backpack, something easy to carry in the day

Medication - especially Calpol

First aid kit

Wet wipes


Face wash

Shampoo and shower gel for everyone

Glasses and contact lens if you wear them

Toothbrush and toothpaste, the most forgotten item ever

A tablet for the car

Books and magazines


A spare bag for rubbish or laundry

Water bottle


Sunglasses (let’s start with these because it’s a holiday)



Dresses and skirts

T-Shirts (the thing everyone will wear the most)



Tights or leggings

Underwear (plenty - stuff it in shoes)

Shoes (not seven pairs)

Flip flops





Coats/rain jackets (one each if you must)

For toddlers and babies

Two changes of clothes



Baby monitor 

Sippy cups and cutlery





For the beach and pool

broad haven beach

Swimming costumes


Sunglasses (just a reminder)

Beach umbrella or windbreak

bucket and spade

Sun tan lotion

Swim nappies

Talcum Powder (helps get rid of sand)

Don’t worry so much about beach games - it’s often cheaper to buy there

Things you probably won’t forget but just in case

Baby Carrier

Travel Cot - Bluestone provide cots but check ahead if you’re travelling elsewhere

Car seat/booster seat

Travel adaptors




Lip balm


Body Lotion

Hand sanitiser

Mum’s makeup

Feminine hygiene products


Shaving gel

Nail clippers


A few favourite toys

Playing cards


Baby blanket


And relax

Phew. Now that’s done you can get on with having the time of your life. Not booked yet but feeling inspired? Head over to our family breaks page and start planning your much-deserved break.

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