Homemade Christmas Snowflake Decorations

By Harriet Scoot Paper Snowflakes on Door

With only a month to go until Christmas Eve, surely it’s time to be thinking about Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already)!

Although we’ve been feeling festive since the 6th November when Christmasland and Kingdom of the Elves arrived at Bluestone, we realised our offices were lacking in Christmas cheer. Now we couldn’t be having that, so decided to make some quick and easy paper snowflakes to stick all around us. The best thing about these is how many variations you can come up with, all just using paper and scissors.

Follow our step by step guide to make your own, don’t forget to send us your pictures when you’re finished!

Step 1: Start with a square piece of paper. You can use any size you like, smaller paper will make a little snowflake, and larger paper will make a big snowflake!

Step 2: Fold the square in half so it makes a triangle 

Paper Snowflakes Step 1
Step 3:
Fold point A of this triangle in half again, to meet point B.

Paper Snowflakes Step 2
Step 4:
Fold point C half way across the triangle, so there is still a neat point D. This will make point F.

Paper Snowflakes Step 3
Step 5:
Fold point A = B so it overlaps point F, but make sure point D is still nice and neat!

Step 6: Cut along the dotted line, at point E.

Paper Snowflakes Step 4
Step 7:
You’ve now made the template, and can create any designs you want from here on! Just draw your design first, and cut it out very carefully. We recommend that a responsible adult cuts around the design, to save little fingers!

Step 8: If you’re feeling extra creative, you can decorate your snowflakes!

Here are a few of ours for you to copy if you need some inspiration!

Snowflake 1:

Snowflake 1 Before

Snowflake 1 After

Snowflake 2:

Snowflake 2 Before

Snowflake 2 After

Snowflake 3:

Snowflake 3 Before

Snowflake 3 After

Snowflake 4:

Snowflake 4 Before

Snowflake 4 After

Snowflake 5:

Snowflake 5 Before

Snowflake 5 After

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