Hop to it Toad Patrollers

Toad Patrol 620

If you’ve stayed with us between March and early June then you’ve probably noticed that we have a few toad-ly awesome guests checking in around the lake.

The happy hoppers like to return every year and their babies were spotted by one of our young guests Benjamin when he was on holiday with his family.

Concerned for their safety, he got in touch with the team to see if we could help. Earlier this month on a return visit, the six year old was invited to meet up with our Head of Corporate Responsibility, Marten Lewis, Bluestone Imagineer Liam Hewer and our very own Ranger Rob at Ranger HQ.

Together they designed a fun poster for next year’s Toad Patrol which will be ready to pop up around the lake when our friends return. Thanks Benjamin!

Afterwards Benjamin and his family tried out our new duck feeder which you’ll find by the lake. The barley comes from nearby farms and floats on the water making it a perfect snack for our ducks. The proceeds from the feed will go to the Bluestone Foundation which supports charities and community groups across Pembrokeshire! 

Then they joined Marten and Ranger Rob for a walk along the trail where they followed tracks, learned about the flora and fauna, and had a look at the Otter Holt which Rob built recently with the help of the Pembrokeshire National Parks Ranger. 

They then went to check on our Hedgehog houses, where we are helping to rehome former patients of the Pembrokeshire Hogspital.

Bluestone Hedgehog

If you too are interested in our Toad Patrol then it’s super easy to get involved with. The watch begins every spring as soon as we spot the first Mummy and Daddy Toads hopping their way towards the lake. Next year you’ll be able to keep an eye out for Benjamin’s new signs and as soon as you spot them you’ll know it has begun! Hop over, being careful where you tread, to the Ranger HQ and pick up a bucket. Be sure to read our “Toad Tips” and then you’re ready to help to move the toads and their babies to safety. You can find out more here in our helpful blog!

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