How seaweed spa treatments can give your skin a natural glow

Seaweed Well Spa bath

Seaweed has been harvested for centuries for its many natural healing benefits and therapeutic properties. 

Its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and powerful natural anti-oxidants are considered essential for maintaining healthy glowing skin.

It’s also well known for its rehydration qualities, boasting anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and it’s also packed with revitalising amino acids.

Knowledge of these benefits have been passed down through the generations, a natural coastal treasure that nurtures beauty, balance and vitality.

At Bluestone we've just launched a partnership with ethical skincare experts isgha to offer a range of seaweed and seawater treatments at our Well Spa for exactly these reasons, including our flagship Seaweed Bath, the only one of its kind in Wales.

What benefits does seaweed have?

It’s all in the anti-bacterial qualities that seaweed possesses - they are key to fighting off acne and the signs of ageing.

When seaweed is used as the main active ingredient in cosmetics it is said to help tighten and tone the skin, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, deep clean, and increase the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity. 

Seaweed is also reputed to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

What seaweed treatments does Bluestone offer?

Seaweed Bath - 25 minutes 

Well Spa bath

Unwind in a hot bath infused with sea salts by candlelight and enjoy the healing and moisturising qualities of seaweed, rich in anti-ageing and anti cellulite properties. The seaweed will detoxify your body whilst enriching it with over 85 minerals and vitamins.

Mermaid Moment - 110 minutes 

Massage at the Well Spa

A sea salt and oil scrub that gently exfoliates, sweeps away dry skin, stimulates circulation, and eliminates toxins. This helps to prepare your skin for the seaweed bath  which will deeply moisturise your skin, followed by a massage to the back and finished with an express seaweed facial.

Seaside Facial - 50 minutes 

A facial designed to revitalise and repair focusing on toning, firming and nourishing. The high content of seaweed extracts is scientifically proven to preserve the skin’s natural collagen with powerful anti-ageing properties.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap - 50 minutes 

A powerful sea salt oil scrub and body wrap which combines the detoxifying and nourishing effect.

Sandy Sws - 80 minutes

Blissful back exfoliation using salt and oil targeting those hard to reach areas. A back massage to relieve trapped tension finished with an express seaside facial leaving your skin feeling instantly hydrated, radiant and revitalised. Did you know Sws is Welsh for kiss?

What our guests say

Well Spa guests

Lucie Farrimond, theduckshed:

“If you get a chance I would really recommend having a seaweed bath.  It was probably the best bath I have had in my entire life.

“On arrival at the spa you are given a towel and big fluffy gown to use while you are there. The changing rooms are lovely and make you feel like you are really having a treat from the moment you walk in.

“I got changed and then went to the lounge area to wait.  My therapist came over, introduced herself and took me to my treatment room. I was quite shocked when I walked in to find a gorgeous slipper bath in the middle of the room with steaming water and lots of actual seaweed in it!

“She explained to me what to do and left me alone to bathe for 25 minutes. It was so relaxing with lovely scents all around and relaxation music playing.

“The seaweed releases a gel when it’s warm. My skin is still amazing now and it has been a week since I had it.”

Laura, Autumn’s Mummy: 

“The staff at the spa were lovely. As my bath ran, I sat in a gorgeous waiting area. It didn’t take long for my seaweed bath to be ready. I was told to drink lots of water, as it is very detoxifying. As such, you can get dehydrated easily.

“A lovely large jug of water and a glass were supplied. Stepping into the bath, the water felt so slippery. I could instantly feel how soft the seaweed and its juices were making my skin. It felt good for me! Apparently seaweed baths are great for people with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.”

What seaweed-based products does Bluestone use?

Bluestone works with Celtic seaweed and wellness specialists isgha to provide our guests with a range of products that use their unique seaweed extract combined with seawater.

Recent scientific research shows this seaweed extract preserves the skin’s natural collagen, and is excellent at detoxifying, nourishing, firming and hydrating your skin. Ishga’s products are so healing they’re suitable for all skin types. 

The mineral-rich extract is blended with organic ingredients and essential oils to create each individual product. Cucumber extract, Macadamia, Jojoba Oil, Thistle Oil, Hebridean Sea Salt and Aloe Vera are some of the many natural ingredients used which nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

Where does the seaweed come from?

The seaweed is sent to us by ishga who gather it by hand from the coast, where pristine waters are rich in vital minerals.

What are the benefits of a seaweed bath?

Our bodies are made up more of water than anything else. It’s crucial to our survival, both hydrating us and flushing out the toxins that are of no use.

When you take a bath the water will help do exactly that to your body. But in a seaweed bath, the mineral composition of the water will have a significantly better impact on your health and wellbeing.

Seawater alone will have its own benefits, but infusing seaweed is thought to lead to a much greater concentration of minerals.

The skin is capable of absorbing this goodness, while the warm water will help your blood circulate the vitamins and minerals around your body, dissolving and eliminating toxins as it goes. It has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness and excellent for some circulatory problems.

Spa breaks

Well Spa at Bluestone

Bluestone’s spa breaks start from just £79 per couple, staying in our luxurious studio apartments in the heart of the Village area of the resort. Here you’ll find all you need - restaurants, shops, our popular pub and just round the corner is our Well Spa.

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