How To Make A Cress Keyboard

By Harriet Scoot Cress Keyboard

Fancy playing a trick on a work colleague? Pranking your children? Or just having a bit of Free Range Fun? This is the perfect prank!

How to make a Cress Keyboard;

Step 1; 

Find a broken keyboard (we don’t recommend using someone’s working keyboard!)

Cress Keyboard 

Step 2; 

Remove all the keys, and put them in a safe place.

Handy Tip; A pen or a butter knife may come in handy to prise the keys out of their sockets.

Cress Keyboard Step 2 

Step 3;  

Fill in the gaps around the keys with cotton wool

Cress Keyboard Step 3 

Step 4; 

Put the keys back on. Can you spot the word we tried to spell?

Cress Keyboard 4

Step 5; 

Sprinkle the seeds in the gaps between the keys

Step 6; 

Water twice a day, we found using a spray bottle was easiest, and stopped the desk getting too soggy!

Step 7; 

Sit back and watch the cress grow!

Cress Keyboard on Desk

Now, leave your computer and get outside to enjoy some fun in the sun this summer!  

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