How To Make Your Own Halloween Broomstick

By Kathryn Slade Halloween Girls With Pumpkins

There is something spooky in the air! Get ready for a Halloween adventure and make your own magic with our easy to make broomstick!

 You will need:

A sturdy long stick (if you plan on flying for a long time it will need to be comfortable!)


Raffia or Ribbon


Halloween Twig Broomstick 

First find yourself a sturdy stick which will make the handle of your broomstick

Then collect some twigs! Birch twigs are the best but any will do.

Gather the twigs into a bundle around one end of the stick and secure tightly with the raffia or ribbon

Tie on another layer of bristles over the first layer.

Repeat until you have a nice bushy broom

Whisper a magic spell and head off on your adventures!


Happy Halloween!

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