Inspirational Women in Wales

By Kristina Gore

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the achievements of some of the most incredible women from Wales. Are you ready to be inspired?

Betsi Cadwaladr

The working class nurse who was dubbed the "Welsh Florence Nightingale", Betsi travelled the world and worked alongside Nightingale herself during the Crimean War. Although Betsi and Nightingale initially had a clash of personalities, Betsi's hard work on the front line eventually won  Nightingale's respect  and Besti went on to have a whole University Health Board in Wales named after her.

Laura Ashley

A successful textiles designer and business woman, in 1975 Laura turned down the offer of an OBE. Her legacy and company are still enormous worldwide. 

Megan Lloyd George

The daughter of a former Prime Minister; Megan spent her childhood in 10 Downing Street and in 1929, became the first woman MP in Wales.

Dame Shirley Bassey

The first ever welsh singer to achieve a number 1 single, Shirely is arguably the most famous woman on our list. Her powerful voice has led her to record tracks for not 1 but 3 James Bond films and her phenomenal music career has made her a national treasure as well as a global superstar. 

Tanni Grey-Thompson

One of Britain's greatest Paralympic Athletes, during her career Tanni won a total of 16 Paralympic medals in Wheelchair Racing and Wheelchair Basketball. Tanni now inspires others as a motivational speaker and has a parliamentary career. 

Julia Gillard

The first and to this date only female Prime Minister of Australia was born in Barry, Wales.

Frances Hoggan

A pioneer for women in the medical field, Frances became the first woman to receive a doctorate in medicine from a European university.

Welsh Mams

Of course a woman's success isn't just defined by her career. Many of the inspirational women on this list would have been born to mothers who were hardworking housewives and mothers. So thank you, Mams for doing an incredible job and continuing to raise empowered women! 

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