Introducing Ranger HQ

By Liam Hewer Ranger HQ

A Free Range Future

New for 2018! Work is underway on our new lakeside Ranger HQ that will become base to a Ranger Information Hub, lake activities and an outdoor workshop for our new and improved activity sessions. 

The Hub

The Hub will have lots of local wildlife information, fun facts and expedition maps complete with ranger points of interest around Bluestone. You will also be able to see real life footage of the wildlife activity captured from within the woods. 

Lake Activities

For the exciting lake activities such as Coracles, Kayaks and Raft Wars, Ranger HQ will be fitted with its own kitting out area, toilet and shower facility with disability access - perfect for the adventures ahead.

Outdoor Workshop

The outdoor workshop will provide a beautiful environment with views across the lake as a base for the activities. The activities form part of what we like to call an “Edutation” and encourage learning through play using natural resources to fuel the imagination. In this day and age where everything is so readily at the fingertips, can be bought in stores or experienced through a screen - our activity sessions pave the way in a TREEvolution to break away from the “force-fed” and experience Free Range. 

Working with natural resources, our Ranger Mission is to show you that all you really need is your imagination and the great outdoors! To achieve success in this mission our HQ is designed to provide a buzz for creativity and craft, a taste for quest and adventure, a hunger for knowledge and mystery and, most importantly, provide you with the tools, knowledge and foundations for you to create unique and special memories. 

Here at Bluestone you are surrounded by an amazing world of nature. We’ve got badgers, foxes, owls, rabbits, all sorts of birds, flowers and mini beasts. Some birds come to visit us, some stay all year. Some animals only come out at night and you need to spot their tracks. On our new activity sessions you can become a Nature Ranger yourself and learn all about our wildlife and what you might find at home. 

It’s more fun and safer to go on a nature expedition with someone else so whether it’s with one of our Rangers, your family or of course friends - you can share information and help each other find and identify things. Just remember to always tell someone where you are going, think about the things you hope to find, and be sure to follow the Ranger Code.

The Ranger Code

  • When you are a Nature Ranger you move quietly and stealthily. 
  • Don’t hurt the wildlife or yourselves. Only touch what you know is safe. Some things sting and bite!
  • Take photos and draw pictures but leave flowers for others to enjoy.
  • Put any mini beasts back where you find them.
  • If you move any logs or rocks put them back where you found them.
  • Remember it’s a mini beast’s home!

Through our new and improved accompanied and unaccompanied activity sessions, you will be able to experience all of the above and more.

Nature Detectives

1hr Accompanied (Family)

Nature Detectives

We’re going on a nature hunt! We’re not scared! Join the Bluestone Rangers and become a real Nature Detective. You will be given your very own Ranger Scrapbook that will be essential in detecting and identifying leaves, foliage and crafting your very own Detective Leaf Crown as well as guiding you to discover and learn about creatures great and small. 

Together with your group you will be issued with a utility belt and led by our knowledgeable Rangers to areas surrounding the HQ. Overnight, the Rangers will have prepared nature enticing things such as grapefruit halves and a butterfly bar, terrariums and a wormery, along with beds and enhanced habitat areas. These areas will be under rotation to ensure that the wildlife is not overly disturbed. 

Go Wild!

3hr Accompanied (Family). Food Inc

Go Wild

One for outdoor enthusiasts, Go Wild is a 3 hour master class in teamwork and family adventure. 

Setting off from the HQ and led by our Free Rangers you must discover the location of your family feast on a Geo Cache Quest; however at each Geo-Cache location you must work as a team to overcome challenges and forest puzzles in order to release the next set of co-ordinates. 

Having tracked the final location you must collect your supplies and head to the woodland den where whilst eating, you can enjoy a fire lighting tutorial without matches, sample some forest brewed nettle tea, toast your own marshmallows and pop some corn over the woodland fire. 

In the heart of the wood you will then learn buschraft skills, den building, camouflage and survival before finally putting your woodland knowledge to the test with our epic challenge - The Forest Escape. Broken down into zones you must work together, complete the challenges and escape the wood.

Treehouse Troop

3hr Unaccompanied. Food Inc

Treehouse Troop

The ultimate fab five-style forest adventure! Craft a tree house troop leafy flag at the HQ, learn the tree house chant and voyage the trail of discovery, building your own journey stick from treasures of the forest. 

Take over the woodlands and collect your packed lunches with your troop pull-cart. Set up camp and enjoy a campfire meal in the great outdoors, toasting marshmallows and making popcorn at the camp fire. Under the shelter of the trees, transform your journey stick into a musical instrument forming an OAKestra, with the woodlands as your stage and animals as your audience. On the trail home, explore the bird hides near the HQ to see what you can see, then finish off by making a willow bird feeder to take home to hang and spy from your window in this action packed adventure in the wild. 

Nature Art

2hr Unaccompanied

Nature Art

Set in the picturesque lakeside Ranger HQ express yourself with a whole range of artistic styles using natural materials supplied by our beautiful National Park! Under the guidance of our Rangers, create your very own pinhole camera and capture some of that beauty, develop the negative and build your very own stick frame to hang it with pride. 

Led by our Free Rangers, scavenge the forest and discover its fallen materials; learn and craft using leaves for wax rubbings, leafy pets and making a forest mask. 

Leave your own magical mark on the forest as you claim your own tree, bringing it to life with its own clay face and natural decoration before finishing off by making a visual masterpiece for all explorers to see.

 “We are very privileged to have such a beautiful location as the base for our new sessions and activities. The idea of sitting in the outdoor workshop surrounded with the sounds of nature set against the backdrop of adventurers out on the lake, there’s nothing better for a great ‘Edutation’ when the outdoors is what it should be - our classroom and our playground.”

The Imagineere

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