Introducing the Cloud Theatre

By Bethan Rees

The Cloud Theatre is our new 400 seat amphitheatre in the Serendome!

The Cloud Theatre is the home of the Bluestone Spectacular Shows. Each season we’ll be bringing you an epic production that blends elements of cirque, animation, acrobatics, dance and music! We’re going further than ever to bring you unique and innovative entertainment in a groundbreaking venue under the beautiful Pembrokeshire sky.

Here are some details to make sure you get the best out of your visit!

Where is the Cloud Theatre?

It is located in the Serendome, near to the Adventure Centre.

Did you know that Serendome is the UK’s largest umbrella? It covers a huge area of 7000sqm! Our umbrella provides cover from the elements but it doesn’t meet the floor; so you’ll still need to wrap up warm for the cold weather and suitably for warmer weather too!

Serendome Flowers

What are the seating arrangements?

The Cloud Theatre is an open-air amphitheatre with a capacity of 400 seats. The seating blocks are strategically angled to make sure you have a fantastic view of the stage wherever you choose to sit! There are also some cushions that you can use if required or you’re welcome to bring your own.

Is there disabled access?

Serendome is wheelchair friendly and there is lots of space for wheelchairs within the Cloud Theatre. Please speak with a member of our friendly staff if you would like any assistance.

What Spectacular Shows are there?

We’re so excited to launch the first Spectacular Show of 2020 – STARCHITECTS! Throughout the Winter Lights Festival from January to March, we’ll be blasting off on a mission to help the young Starchitects who dream of touching the dark skies above. Make sure you’ve booked your seats on the voyage that is going to be out of this world!

Each season will see a brand new Spectacular Show take to the stage. We will very shortly be announcing what shows will be taking place throughout the rest of the year so make sure that you’re signed up to our newsletter!

Spectacular Shows

How do we book tickets for a show?

Please visit Manage Your Booking to view the latest details and pricing of the current Spectacular Show. We recommend booking in advance as our new Spectacular Shows are very popular!

Can we purchase drinks and snacks in the Serendome before the show?

The Garden Box provides ice cream, snacks and soft drinks to enjoy and the Bar-O-Meter serves a range of cocktails, beers and other refreshments. 

Are children able to visit the Cloud Theatre unaccompanied?

Just like anywhere on resort, you’ll need to supervise your children anywhere they go.

To find out more about the Serendome, click here

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