The Tale of Jingles the Elf

By Liam Hewer Jingles

Have you ever wondered where Christmas gets its glow?
Who makes the festive magic as the seasons come and go?

Who crafts a winter snowflake?
Who chills the starry sky?
Who makes the toys for girls and boys?
Who helps the reindeers fly?

It started with a Christmas wish,
whispered to Sion Corn... (That’s Santa Claus in Welsh.)
The words they travelled through the air and so-
an Elf was born. 

They start off as a snowflake- gliding calm but swift,
searching for his workshop to fulfil their wishful gift.
Now some are wished for weather, to make snow from up above,
some are wished for kindness, taking care of those you love.

Yet there is a popular wished for Elf by all the girls and boys,
an Elf to craft, create and build your shiny Christmas toys!
Now we all know the first toys are made by Santa Claus himself,
but in his workshop, he gets help from a special little Elf.

Jingles is that workshop Elf, who makes sure things go just fine,
for when Santa carves the original toy, Jingles helps with each design.

It’s Jingles’ job to then make sure,
it’s delivered to the toyshop floor.
The Toy Makers faces light with glee, 
as they craft a toy to go under your tree.

Jingles is the greatest Elf and knows just what to do.
This Elf takes care of Santa and now takes care of you.