Kingdom of the Elves 2015

By Kathryn Slade KOTE

This year Kingdom of the Elves is all about the magic behind how your presents get delivered! The boys and girls will get to experience the journey that the elves face in completing Santa’s Christmas Checklist. The elves will need your help though this year as you enter the Elves Fun House and get transported through the Christmas Eve simulator.

It’s no ordinary house though - you will need to gain access through the potting shed and play games in the hallway without waking the cat. Decorate your very own cookie in the Chocolatier Room, create magic in the Dream Room and make the Living Room perfect for Christmas before you can graduate with the Queen Elf at the wonderland garden party. All in a race against the clock before you grow back to your normal size! Over the next few weeks you can catch up with the Elves as they take over our blog.

You can book your Kingdom of the Elves break between November the 6th and January the 20th here!

As well Kingdom of the Elves there are lots of other fun and Christmassy things happening in the village. Every day between 5:30 and 6:30 is Christmas Kids Hour!

On Mondays and Fridays it’s the Elf Welcome in the Wild Wood.

 Christmas at Bluestone

Arrive in style with two of the wackiest and excitable elves. Rosy cheek transformation is needed before you can dance around, play some games and soak up all the information you need for what’s on and where to go during your holiday.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays there’s a Tawny the Owl puppet show in the Village Marquee.

Christmas at Bluestone 

Join Tawny the Owl in the village as he introduces a very special friend. Play interactive games with a real owl too and be sure to bring a camera along to capture an owl flying to your glove to pose!

On Wednesday day it’s ‘A Bluestone Christmas - Gamesmaster’.

Christmas at Bluestone

Can you work together and beat the Mizuk? He is trying to steal Christmas away and the only way to stop him is to beat him at his own games. He has stolen a sack of presents from Santa and we need to get them back otherwise someone is going to go without on Christmas day!! There are 5 presents stolen and there are 5 games to play in order to win them back.

On Thursdays and Sundays it’s the Mistletoe Ball!

Christmas at Bluestone 

It’s the party of the season! Join the elves and the live jingle-rock band for all of your Christmas favourites. Mince pies, mulled wine and memories all finished with a Christmas wish to hang on our tree and festive carols.

From December the 1st in the Wild Wood the Elves will be doing a wake up and wiggle party! Gather round the giant tree and find today’s bauble which will be filled with fun. Children will also have the chance to win an early Christmas present too. The best way to start the day!

Decorations on Christmas Tree

On Christmas Eve when the countdown is almost over there will be a special parade at 5:15pm! You can follow the Santa Express down to the village and join all the other guests as Santa waves goodbye before he sets off for a busy night of present delivery and the Bluestone Party can begin! 

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