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**THIS OFFER CLOSED 04/01/2015**

From now to the 4th January 2015, we’ve opened our doors to the Elf Workshop at Kingdom of the Elves. Visitors to Bluestone will be able to follow the elves on a magical non-stop adventure as they take on the many Christmas wish letters from girls and boys all around the world.

On Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays watch in delight as our elves take little ones on a two hour magical journey preparing the gifts that Father Christmas will deliver by reindeer and sleigh. But, how does Santa possibly manage to make wishes come true for millions of children all around the world? With a little help from his elves, of course! Come to Kingdom of the Elves and see first-hand what happens to each special letter that Santa receives.

“The journey is more magical and awe-inspiring than ever before, with fun, games and interactivity every step of the way,” said Elf Wishy Washy who is in charge of the post room. “It’s exciting, toe-tapping, laugh-a-minute festive fun that you won’t want to miss!”

Children become Elfployees as they join in and lend a helping hand at each of the rooms in the workshop. Laugh along and feel the magic as our bevy of charming elves take on the letters and make the gifts on the list. Whatsmore, each budding Elfployee will don their very own elf apron and collect a special little gift from every room they visit along the way.

Merry Christmas!

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