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By Kathryn Slade Kote sneak peek

As from today IT’S CHRIIIIIIIIIIISTMAS here at Bluestone!

There are Christmas jumpers in the offices, Christmas trees around resort and I’m sure that I have seen a couple of Elves running around causing chaos too.

Because we want everyone to be as excited about Christmas as we are so here is a sneak peak of this year’s Kingdom of the Elves Adventure!

A Special Sneaky Peek

Be prepared to shrink because you are going down the rabbit hole and into the potting shed to Mission Control. Here Elf Little Buddy will brief you for your mission, there is a task to complete in every room but you have to manage your time well as the shrinking dust will only last for so long!

From the potting shed it’s through the keyhole where you will meet Elf Goldilocks! You will have to help her open the door to let you in but this will require your very best wiggling moves.

Potting Shed

If you succeed you will go on to meet Stealth Elf the loudest and quietest elf! You’ll need to open the kitchen door for Santa as he isn’t a fan of chimneys anymore.

There’s one very important thing to remember though... don’t wake the cat!

If he stirs you’ll have to escape through the advent calendar! Here you will meet the Chief Chocolatier Elf, Christmas is a very busy time for him and he needs your help in the decoration department. As a thank you for your hard work there will be a special treat for all!

Then you will have to sneak through the little mouse’s tunnel and creep back into the house where Elf Dreamy will be waiting for you. Ever wondered why you always fall asleep on Christmas Eve no matter how excited you are?

Dream Room

Well I will let you into a secret that’s his job and he is very good at it! If you start to drift off don’t worry because Crackers will be around to wake you up and he really needs your help!

The family have left the living room in a bit of a mess and Santa will need it to be very neat and tidy for present delivery time. Crackers’ has very high standards so it’ll have to be perfect if you are going to get to watch some special Christmas TV. 

If that’s not enough of a treat if you have successfully collected all of your stamps then you will be invited to a party with the Queen Elf as a special thank you too!

We are so excited and we hope you are too!

There are still a few spaces left on Kingdom of Elves book your festive break today and receive FREE tickets to the fun on selected breaks. 

Kingdom of the Elves

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Kingdom of the Elves 2015

Things are starting to feel festive at here at Bluestone National Park Resort! We love the holiday season and we know that our guests do to. Those cheeky elves will be returning for another dose of Kingdom of the Elves fun!

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