Last Weekend of The Rugby World Cup at The Millennium Stadium

By Kathryn Slade Ireland v Argentina Match at Rugby World Cup 2015

Well the last month has been amazing! I have completed twelve volunteer shifts at the Millennium Stadium, made some great friends and I honestly can’t believe that it’s over. It’s been something that I have been looking forward to for being a part of for nearly 2 years! This weekend was one way to bow out of the competition as we hosted two of the Quarter Finals in Cardiff. As with all the games there has been an amazing atmosphere in the city but this weekend seemed extra special.

Interior Cardiff Millennium Stadium
The rugby action started in Twickenham on Saturday where Wales faced Australia. The fan zone was filled with supporters before kick-off with a capacity crowd of 10,000 watching the game; you could hear them singing the national anthem from inside the stadium. Unfortunately it wasn’t the result that the Welsh were hoping for and there were a lot of disappointed faces around.  I personally think the Welsh boys have done brilliantly this tournament to escape the ‘pool of death’ with their ongoing injury worries! There is always next time I guess...

It was a late 8pm kick off at the Millennium Stadium for New Zealand v France. The excitement had been building all day and by the time the stadium gates opened you could hear the singing through the thick concrete walls! As always the Haka is an amazing thing to watch and I was lucky enough to get to see it for the second time in a month. The All Blacks were on top form running in 9 tries to France’s 1 with the final score being 62-13. They were incredible and I honestly can’t see any of the other teams challenging them in the final stages now that they are in business mode.

New Zealand v France at Rugby World Cup

We went from a late kick-off to the earliest kick-off at the Millennium on Sunday with Ireland playing Argentina at 1pm. It was a quick turnaround for us as staff but the adrenaline feels like it can keep you going on forever! I was in the stadium from 8:30am and for the first time I was on the photography team. This was something I had been really hoping I would get the chance to do and it lived up to all my expectations and surpassed them! The photographers have the best seats in the house being only inches from the pitch. It was really interesting to sit and watch how the quickly the photos they were taking were published online or sent to press for the next day’s papers. I wasn’t sure what the result would be for this game but I wasn’t expecting the final score at all! Argentina won by 23 points and they celebrated in style. There was singing, dancing and an amazing party atmosphere!

Ireland Try at Rugby World Cup 2015

 I can’t wait to watch the last four games! If you will be staying at Bluestone then you can watch the rest of the games at the Knights Tafarn with your friends and family! On Friday watch South Africa v Argentina at 8pm and on Saturday watch New Zealand v Australia at 4pm.




Rugby World Cup 2015 Facts

There are less than 4 days left before the Rugby World Cup 2015 kicks off! I am particularly excited because I will be volunteering at the Millennium Stadium on match days. I am a lover of all things rugby and will be cheering on Wales when I have the chance. Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about my volunteering experience but to spark some excitement here are some fun facts and figures about the Rugby World Cup!

Rugby World Cup
Week 3 at the Rugby World Cup

I can’t believe that next week will be the last weekend of World Cup action in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium!