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serendome skywalk

Serendome is our brand new resort area and we're pretty excited about it! Our guests are too and, understandably, have a few questions about our beautiful umbrella and all the exciting things going on beneath it.

Here's everything you need to know about Serendome!

General Questions

When does Serendome open?

Serendome officially opens to all Bluestone guests on July 19th 2019! 

Do you have to pay to get in?

Like the Blue Lagoon and Adventure Centre, entrance to Serendome is free for guests staying on resort, though some activities are paid for. If you want to try one, simply log onto Manage Your Booking and book your place.

Why have you called it Serendome?

The name Serendome was unanimously voted by the Bluestone Team. “Seren” means star in Welsh, and the clear umbrella will act as a window to the skies, whatever the weather.

This is pronounced "Seh-ren-dome".   


What activities are in Serendome?

In Serendome you’ll find a range of activities both paid and complimentary as well as a 400 seat amphitheatre which will set the scene for a range of fantastic shows!

Wacky Racers

Together as a family you’ll race against the clock to put together and decorate your very own race kart. Once complete you’ll put it to the test against the other competitors in the Bluestone Grand Prix!

2 hours – 8+ years alone - 3+ with adult - 10 karts maximum – Max height 6ft  

A parent can choose to drive for a child 3-5 years subject to maximum weight, but two children cannot ride in one kart together.

18 stone combined max weight


Reach for the stars in this exciting new activity! Scale a 10 metre tall naturally grown tree, supported by an automatic belay.

Up to 60 minutes - 6+ years - 1.1m minimum height - 18.9 stone max


The impressive SkyWalk is built over 7 towers and features 24 climbing stations. With moving elements, including a bicycle, it’s a vertical adventure course like no other! In addition to this there’ll be a Mini SkyWalk, perfect for young children, and a wheelchair friendly course.

2 hours - 8+ years - 5 max on course - Over 1.4 unaccompanied 1.25 - 1.39m accompanied - 18 stone max

Mini SkyWalk

30 minutes – 3-8 years old (can be older if they’re unsure of the main SkyWalk) - 

8 per session - Under 1.3m (can be taller) – Adults able to encourage from the ground.

serendome mini skywalk

Complimentary Activities

Water Play – This landscaped area is sure to be a favourite with children and adults alike! Splash around; make up your own games and work together to enjoy this fun area of Serendome.

Sand Play – Like Water Play, this is a free play area where children are encouraged to use their imagination to make their own Free Range Fun. There’ll be puzzles and interactive games with haul up sand buckets, moveable features, and a designated sand play area for younger children.

Imagination Garden – In this free play area there will be building blocks for children to create their own games, build houses or whatever their imagination desires.

Can you book activities in the dome?

Yes, if there's availability you can book the activities in the dome at Guest Services, which you'll find in the Giftorium. We do advise all guests to book activities well ahead of their break to avoid disappointment as many sessions book up early.


Food and Drink

Is there somewhere you eat and drink in Serendome?

Yes, there are a several new eateries where you can refuel during your visit.

The Terraces  - You can enjoy food at our very own food court, where kiosks will serve light lunches, snacks and suppers. There will also be a range of refreshments on sale and of course ice creams.

The Garden Box - Offering teas, coffees and ice cream.

Opening times vary depending on the time of year, please check the Bluestone App or ask in the Booking Office during your visit.

Serendome Bar - serving a menu of cocktails and drinks.

Is there a shop in Serendome?

Yes, we have the new Giftorium opening near the entrance of the dome and like the Emporium, it will be selling merchandise and some clothing. It will also be home to our Guest Services team in Serendome, who will be happy to help you with activities in the dome and help you with any enquiries you might have! 

(Newton Stores - in the Village - is still where you’ll get your bread and milk from!)

sand play

Serendome Shows

Will there be shows in Serendome?

We're very excited about our brand new home of Bluestone's epic productions - the Cloud Amphitheatre. 

The 400-seat, outdoor amphitheatre is right at the heart of Serendome and will be a state-of-the-art facility where we'll be showcasing mind-boggling and awe-inspiring shows incoperating all aspects of entertainment. 

Can non-staying guests attend the shows?

Yes, and for details keep an eye on our social media channels or sign up for up-dates for news about Serendome events available for local people and those not staying on resort. 

serendome spectacular


Will Serendome be hot/cold?

Serendome is a large umbrella, which will shelter our guests from the elements, however it still feels like you're outdoors. If you have activities in Serendome or will be attending a Cloud Theatre show we advise guests to dress as if they''ll be outside and, especially in the colder months, wrap up warm!

Can we park our bikes/buggy nearby the Serendome?

Yes, there is a bike and buggy park right outside the entrance.

Are children able to go into Serendome unaccompanied?

It will be just like anywhere on resort, you’ll need to supervise your children anywhere they go.

Is Serendome wheelchair friendly?

Serendome was designed to be wheelchair friendly. All paths in Serendome are DDA compliant and there's even a wheelchair section in the SkyWalk. There are some stairs in Serendome but we have made sure there is always a convenient alternative route. 

Are there toilets/baby changing facilities in Serendome?

Yes, there are both on the top terrace of the building.

Is Serendome weather dependant?

The beauty of our giant umbrella is that the activities will go on here regardless of the weather, like the majority of our Bluestone fun and games!

skywalk mini

The Rest of Resort

Where on the resort is Serendome located?

Serendome nestles into the landscape behind the Adventure Centre, with the entrance being right next to it!

How far away is Serendome from the Village area?

Serendome is around a 10-minute walk from the centre of the Bluestone village, two minutes from the Blue Lagoon and Adventure Centre

Can you catch the land train to Serendome?

The land train doesn't stop outside Serendome, but you can catch it to the Adventure Centre and walk down.

If you still have questions about Serendome then please get in touch with us directly or via social media and we'll try to answer your query!

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