Liz Gets Into The Olympic Spirit

Our colleagues and their families here at Bluestone National Park Resort are always getting involved in projects, events and charities locally in West Wales and it was no surprise when one of our team mentioned how proud she was of her son undertaking something special – carrying the Olympic Torch.

Our Special Projects Officer and Executive Assistant to our CEO, Liz Weedon, was overjoyed to hear that her son Harry would be taking part in the Olympic Torch Relay when it headed through West Wales last week.

Harry, who works for the Army, would be one of 8,000 torchbearers running segments of the route throughout the UK before the Olympic Games begin in July. His run would be through Llanelli.

Free range fun

Being a luxury short break destination that promotes ‘free range’ fun and with a big Summer Festival coming up here during the Olympics, we wanted to know more about the experience and Harry’s role to get us in the spirit.

 Liz tells Bluestone Blog more:

“My eldest and most challenging child (every Mum will know what I mean by that!) rang to tell me that he had been nominated as an Olympic Torchbearer by his Commanding Officer.

“Then came the email with confirmation of his selection.  He was somewhat surprised by the news not quite understanding why he had been chosen. No huge sums raised for charity by walking, swimming, or climbing and certainly no celebrity status. All he could think was that he was ginger!

“I know why though. Mums always knows best. Harry has always looked for the adrenaline rush that any kind of extreme activity will bring him either with sports or just winding his parents up into a complete frenzy. This coupled with an ability to ‘come out smelling of roses’ has allowed him to take a sport that most of us would run from – Luge.

“Luge is considered as one of the most dangerous Olympic winter sports and involves sliding at high speeds on single- or two-person sleds. The run takes place on a specially built track. The athlete starts in a seating position and after pushing off lies supine and feet-first. The sled is steered by changing the luger’s center of gravity and during a run, the sled can reach speeds of over 140 km/h.”

Team GB

Harry has had several wins at Luge and was scouted by the Great Britain Luge Association. He is now a fully-fledged Team GB member and hopes to compete in the Winter Olympics of 2014and 2018.

Talking about Harry’s Olympic Torch run, Liz added: “I had not expected to be quite so excited by it all but you just cannot help being caught up in the moment. Crowds, flags, dazzling sunlight, helicopter hovering, police bikes and flashing blue lights coupled with lots of noise from the accompanying sponsor vehicles – banging music and blaring horns.  All quite spectacular and fantastically well organized.

Kissing the torches

“I could just make out Harry 300 metres in the distance – obvious red hair! – running and waving like crazy carrying his wonderful golden torch.  Completely against my nature, of course, I pushed past the 3 deep crowds lining the pavement shouting that I was the Torchbearers mother and they had to let me through – my apologies to the people of Llanelli – so that I could watch him perform his ‘kiss’.  I think, though I couldn’t quite see, that he actually gave Veronica – the next runner – a proper kiss.  Ever the charmer.  What a moment.  What a proud mum and what a fantastic way to big up the Olympics.”

What an experience for all involved and Bluestone wishes everyone involved in the London Olympics all the best – whether an athlete, a volunteer or just a spectator. It’ll be a great occasion and we’re proud that the torch came so close to Bluestone during it’s route to Mid Wales.

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