Macmillan Coffee Morning

By Kerry Curson cake

In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support we have joined the Nation throwing the world’s biggest coffee morning. The entire staff across the resort have been mixing, baking (and some burning) their very own master pieces, all to be judged and earn some valued cash for the Cancer charity.

If you haven’t got involved yet, it’s not too late. There’s lots that you can do to get involved an do some of your own fund raising at home, just visit the Macmillan Website to find out more about how you can spread some good karma.

We had a mini competition, and of course it was all for fun but our Carla’s ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’ was a winner among an incredible effort. The images we’ve posted are just a few of the entries.

No doubt our waistlines will expand a centimetre or 2 by tomorrow morning. Needless to say, the ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake is already just a pile of sorry sponge crumbs left upon its plate.

If you’ve had your own coffee morning, share your pictures with us, perhaps we can begin a Facebook bake off...


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