Making Car Journeys Entertaining For Kids

By Kerry Curson In car entertainment

Remember when you were a kid and how boring you found car travel? 

As we grow up I don’t think the boredom of the car journey really disappears, we just learn how to better deal with our feelings of boredom and agitation at traffic jams and long journeys, or maybe we’ve just learned how to keep quiet about our rising feelings of resentment at lengthy car journeys!

Naturally the destination is usually worth it, particularly when you’re heading for a Bluestone Break. With this blog we’ve tried to relate to young minds and come up with a few good old ways to entertain children on a car journey, and hopefully in turn create some laughs and good memories for all of the family. Because really, the truth of the matter is, that we generally love the memories of car journeys with our parents, the one time when families are all together as one with no distractions.

Entertaining Kids on Car Journeys

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