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By Harriet Scoot Beach Horse Riding

To get in the spirit of summer, I decided to spend an afternoon on the beach – but not in the way you’d expect! I’d heard all about the beach rides at Pendine from friends, colleagues and the staff at Marros themselves, and thought I wanted to give it a try; it is the Year of Adventure, after all!

On the 8th June, I headed out to Marros Riding Centre, equipped with my wellies and GoPro, ready to jump back in the saddle and experience Pendine Sands from a different point of view. We booked the beach ride a few weeks in advance, this is really important as they only take a maximum of 6 people out on these so there is limited space, and the team can make sure they have a suitable horse or pony ready for you on the day.  We couldn’t have planned it any better if we’d tried; the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Horse In Stables 

I was joined by the instructor, Sarah and two holiday makers. We met up and had our riding hats fitted, put on our high visibility vests and headed over to meet our four legged friends for the day. I was paired with Gary, a beautiful 10 year old pony. I was informed beach rides are his favourite, but grazing on any tasty looking bushes and grass is very near the top of his list too! The other riders were on Carrie, who can be a quiet pony and great for novice riders but also lights up when she gets to go on faster rides and Danny, a laid back, loveable horse with tons of character and a love of going fast on the beach! These three plus Sarah on her horse, were a brilliant group to have galloping along the beach together – but it wasn’t a ride for the fainthearted!

Horse Riding 

Before you get down to the beach, you meander around the area on a hack for about 45 minutes, you get to see some stunning scenery and also get used to your horse or pony – and get to know the others in your group if you don’t already! There was a mixture of riding on the road, riding down tracks and quite a big incline down to the beach, you could tell the ponies and horses knew where they were, you could almost feel the spring in their steps as we got closer and closer to Pendine Sands!

Beach Horses 

If there are family members or friends who want to watch you whizz along the beach, it’s advisable for them to drive down to the beach, park in the pay and display car park and wait to see the riders appear on the right hand side of the beach. There will be about a 45 minute wait so grab a coffee or an ice cream and take in the view!

This is where the most serious bit comes in – it’s very important for anyone wanting to do this ride, you must be an experienced rider, confident on horseback and able to canter and gallop (and over 16 years old).

When Sarah told us that Danny and Gary loved to go as fast as possible, she wasn’t joking! Gary loved being first; he definitely won all the races that were happening in his head, and speeding along with him was so exhilarating! Paddling through the water to cool off was a firm favourite for both us and the others in the group, by this point we were all getting a bit hot.

After galloping up and down a few times, we decided it was time to head back to the stables. The ride back was a bit slower paced; I think we’d worn the horses out by then! Any horse or pony doing a beach ride won’t be involved in any other rides that day, and I can see why, they amount of effort they all put in was incredible!

Beach Ride 

It was such a fantastic afternoon out, and is another thing I can tick off my Pembrokeshire bucket list!

If you like the sound of a beach ride, are a complete beginner or anywhere in between, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Marros Riding Centre! Contact them on 01994453777 or email for more information and to book your equestrian experience.

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