Meet Elf Wishy Washy

By Megan Tapper Elves Playing

Hey there,

I’ve written a little poem for you guys to  give you a peeky sneak of what to expect from this year’s Kingdom of the Elves – without giving too much away!

My Elf pals and I think you’re going to really love it this year. We can’t wait to welcome all the excited boys and girls, you’re such a big help – we wouldn’t be able to get everything ready for Christmas without you!


“Days until Christmas: 105

“No more slacking” says Santa, “jump up, look alive!”

There’s toys to be made and there’s things to be done

The countdown to Christmas has already begun.


At this time of year the elves will get ready,

Preparing the North Pole,  they have to be steady.

In just a few weeks we’ll get letters by the tonne

Believe it or not, it’s a whole lot of fun!


I’m a little elf, Wishy Washy’s my name,

And just like children, no two elves are the same.

We all have pointed ears and curly shoes,

But we all have very different jobs to do.


Each letter that’s posted to Santa’s front door,

Will make its own way to the Elf Workshop floor.

And what happens next you will barely believe

...there’s magic in each little letter received.


Each special letter from every child

No matter how wonderful, silly or wild,

Will go to our team of hardworking Elves

They’ll make up the toy using things on their shelves


Hammers and drills and magic dust too

We Elves work so hard making presents for you.

Santa is currently looking to employ

New little helpers: every girl, every boy


We’d love you to visit, we’ll show you around

Our Kingdom has magical sights and sounds,

There’s fun and games and loads to see

as you  go on a journey to become an ‘Elfployee’


Starting from Friday the 7th November

(write down the date, you must try to remember)

we Elves come to Bluestone,

we’ll be here all December!”


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