Meet the Bwbach Bunch

By Kristina Gore Bwbach Scarecrow

Our Scarecrows are back to celebrate our 2018 Bwbach Festival and this time they've brought some friends along too! From the 3rd of September until the 4th of November, our Bwbach Bunch will take over our National Park Resort and our seasonal Dinner Show. Parade and Festival will all be specially themed in their honour - so get ready for LOTS of Free Range Fun this Autumn!

As we’ll be welcoming some new faces as well as old friends this Autumn, we thought we ought to introduce you... so without further ado, please meet our Bwbach Bunch:

Hay Captain! 

Hay Captain

This swash-buckling captain ‘plunged’ into Bluestone from the coast onboard the sister ship of the infamous Pembrokeshire Pirate Bartholomew Roberts. His career began as a deck hand on board with Barti Ddu and he is known to use a sweeping brush as a crutch! This pirate loves to photo bomb so get those cameras ready. 

The Wandering Wizard 

The Wandering Wizard uses magic to cast protection spells to keep all travellers safe as they explore Pembrokeshire. Come nightfall he keeps a watchful eye over Bluestone, filling guests’ dreams full of Free Range Fun. 

Sir Autumnus 

Defender of the Pembrokeshire’s crops and Scarecrows, Sir Autumnus is an upcycled caped crusader, standing tall whatever the weather.  

The Adventurous Artists 


This artistic duo see beauty wherever they go – so much so that they carry an empty frame so they can look at everything like a piece of art! From the beautiful backdrop of Bluestone to scarecrow selfies with our guests the picture inside of their frame never looks the same!  

The Critter Catcher 

The Critter Catcher is our resident bee keeper, honey maker and Sting impersonator. She specialises in Bug Bee-hive-iour and won a Nobel Prize for being outstanding in her field!  

The Bumbling Bird Watcher 

A little socially hawkward, he much prefers the company of wild birds...well at least he would if he was any good at spotting them! He flaps about the resort looking for the rare Pembrokeshire Fork-Footed Bird, but don’t worry he’s just as friendly as he is quackers! 

The Last Straw Sheriff & his horse, Gym 

Astride his noble steed, Gym; the Sheriff is on the lookout for anyone who’s up to mischief. There’s no messing with this sheriff, he’s a stickler for the rules and stubborn in his hays - challenge him to a blinking contest and you’ll soon see!  

The Little Koi Fisherman 

Call a sturgeon because this one’s a heartbreaker! Not just sitting there for the halibut, the sole purpose of this fisherman is to catch a break from city life and he’s come to the right plaice. He’s also a lifeguard... for the fish, so if you see any unusual bubbles let minnow. 

Rebellious Relics & POOdle 

Catch them if you can! These gangsta grandparents are here with us on holiday and nothing can stop their Free Range Fun. Watch out for their POOdle though - stroke her the wrong way and she’ll go around the U-bend! 

The Smashing Pumpkins 

The rock stars of our resort, they sell out venues across the National Park and are often found singing outside the Tafarn. From Sheryl Scarecrow to the Rocky Horror Pitcher Show – nothing is off limits. 

SkyDome Surveyor  

A master craftsman the SkyDome Surveyor is in charge of building Bluestone’s brand new attraction. Most days you’ll find him busy with his hammer and tools although he has been known to sky-ve on a few occasions!  

If you haven’t booked your Bwbach Break yet – what are you waiting for? Book a break this Autumn and meet the Bwbach Bunch!

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