Meet the Social Media Directors…… You!

Over the last two years our guests have favoured getting in touch with us online rather than by phone or email, we understand that as consumers all of us are growing more and more impatient for content and information - it needs to be quick! In February 2008 upon opening we started our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, followed more recently by Pinterest and Instagram.

Almost 5 years on, and after engaging with thousands of guests that have stayed with us, we now understand that our social media channels are a vital part of staying in touch with you, and for us to continue to provide you with what you want.

So to ensure that you're always up to date with everything Bluestone check out the following links to our platforms…



The only place acceptable to talk to a wall!


Keep up to date on what’s happening on the resort and off resort in the local and west Wales area.


Be aware over tweeting may attract other birds…


Follow us @Bluestonewales on this fast flowing social media platform or join in the conversations and questions via #Bluestonewales


A place where you don’t’ have to worry about your facebook grammar

pinterestThe social media platform, popular with the dreamers and good ideas pot. A great place to feel creative but in reality you’ve spent the last 2 hours collecting pictures.

Check out our “Things to do” in Pembrokeshire board for locations and ideas plus many photo’s from all areas of the resort.


An app that drives professional photographers wild (and always contains lots of hashtags) #Askthem .


To be fair the pictures do look amazing with the various filters you get to use! - Why not give us a follow for a different look at Pembrokeshire and Bluestone.


Where you start out looking for how to videos and end up watching dancing cat videos wondering “What was I searching for….?”


A good place to view various aspects of the resort and watch other guests experiences at Bluestone National Park Resort.


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