Mindfulness classes for Bluestone Staff

By Hannah Fleming two bowls used in spa treatment

Here at Bluestone we love the idea of being mindful and have enjoyed following this emerging trend especially in the work place. Every Thursday we have a Mindfulness session which staff can attend for free. Hannah from our sales team has been attending the sessions and wrote this blog to explain what it’s all about.

Nikki Catto has been working with stress and anxiety management in groups and private therapy for several years. During this time she has collated a range of techniques and information through her client work and personal experience. As a trained therapist and mindfulness teacher she offers insight and practical techniques to manage the stresses associated around modern living.

Every Thursday Nikki runs a session for Bluestone work colleagues to attend; the session is free and lasts for an hour.  During the mindfulness session Nikki concentrates on making everyone in the room feel very comfortable and relaxed. You can close your eyes during the session if you want to, although some of us have tended to drift off to sleep when trying this! For those who would rather keep their eyes open Nikki lights a candle in the middle of the room which you can use as a focus point.

To start the session Nikki encourages everyone to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Every week is different and focuses on a different technique. This week Nikki worked on focusing on our bodies and how we feel on a day to day basis. Nikki also used sound on the session whereby she uses the gong bowls and gets us to focus on the sound until it disappears, I found this extremely relaxing and it helped to clear my head.

Nikki has worked with top athletes to assist them with their breathing and she also works with people to help with anxiety and stress. The more regularly mindfulness sessions people attend the more beneficial it will become.

If you would like to start a new career and join our mindfulness sessions you can find our latest vacancies on our careers page here.


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