Mission to the Moon Creating Starchitects

Starchitects Spectacular Show

It’s an exciting day! Our guests will get to see the first of our Spectacular shows for 2020, Starchitects. 

We’re especially excited for you to see it because the show has been created especially for Bluestone by our friends at Motionhouse. The Spectacular Show that combines dance, circus and projection will be taking to the Cloud Theatre stage in the Serendome every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during our Winter Lights Festival. 

Starchitects Rocket

Liam Hewer, Bluestone’s Imagineer said, “We can't wait for our guests to join us on the Starchitects mission, it's been an exciting journey with Motionhouse creating this bespoke show. It reflects our Winter Lights Enchanted Trail in the woodland where your imagination can wander freely, creating its own magical story. It’s about showing children that their imagination can take them on some amazing adventures, and reminding adults what a magical time that is.” 

Kevin Finnan, Artistic Director of Motionhouse said, "The ‘Starchitects’ are a group of children whose mission is to go to the moon and it has been a real joy to bring their story to life. Exploring the theme with a spirit of playfulness in the studio has brought out the inner child in us all! It’s been a really enjoyable creative experience. 

Starchitects Telescope

The show is captivating and engaging for audiences of all ages – from tiny tots to older siblings, parents and grandparents can all enjoy and join us on our magical adventure to try and reach the moon. 

In Starchitects, audiences will experience the dance-circus fusion and digital projections that we’re renowned for. The show is a visual spectacle, with an easy-to-follow fun and imaginative storyline. 

Family audiences who come to see Starchitects will enjoy the fantastic adventure we’ve created for our group of Starchitects; the concept of the show captures the spirit of children’s games and the imagination of childhood. And…there’s a surprise visit from an out of this world character you won’t want to miss!” 

Starchitects Pole

We’re all looking forward to sharing Starchitects with you from the 9th of January to 26th March 2020. Tickets for our Spectacular shows are exclusively available for our Bluestone guests, so click here to find out more about Free Range breaks for your family in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

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