More Fun Than An Action Packed Family Movie

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Welsh tenor Wynne Evans, better known as Gio Compario from the famous insurance comparison site adverts, tells us about his mid-week short break here at Bluestone this week. Yesterday he had even more fun at the Blue Lagoon waterpark before an action-packed activity at the Steep Ravine that was more fun than an action-packed family movie.

“The kids very kindly got me up at 6:30am yesterday – one holding my trunks and the other my goggles. So at 9am when the pool opened we were one of the first in. Being a ‘local’ West Walian boy, people who come into swim for the day from West Wales know me without the moustache.

“So I get quite a few people singing ‘GoCompare’ quietly just after I’ve passed them in the lazy river… I never know quite what to do, sometimes I smile like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard that and then sometimes I just pretend that I’ve got water in my ear and I’m temporarily deaf.

“Today in my trunks I was reunited with a school friend who I hadn’t seen for 20 years, and my son and daughter bumped into a teacher from their school…shocking…Miss in a swimsuit!

“After a quick lunch we headed off to Woodland Warriors. Basically they gave 20 of us laser guns and sent us into the forest in two teams setting us different tasks against each other. WARNING….IF YOU ARE THE SLIGHTEST BIT COMPETITIVE DON’T DO THIS ACTIVITY. I turned into Rambo. I even tried to make my team camouflage up and we sniped through the forest, laser shooting anything in our paths. It was like being a real action man (even pretended to have eagle eyes). I loved it more than the kids.

Wynne Evans in forest

“It was back then for the best mint-choc-chip ice cream ever and then onto the bikes for a ride. I managed to get a puncture, so I went off to wait in the Tafarn pub and left Mrs E and the kids to it. Well I could hardly ride with a puncture.”

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