Mums Let's Forget Mothering Sunday and Make It #motheringmarch

By Owain Betts Mum and two kids at Bluestone

Forget Mothering Sunday this weekend, let’s make it #motheringmarch.

This Sunday is that one day of the year when mums and grandmums throughout the UK are given the recognition they deserve on Mother’s Day.

But much like Valentine’s Day, when flower and chocolate sales go through the roof, it’s almost like one token day in the year when mums and grandmums get the attention they deserve from their families.

Here at Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire we’re continuing our campaign for better recognition of mums after urging families last year to take up the mantle of #motheringmarch, recognising the hard work their mums and grandmums undertake day-in and day-out.

Although we think Mothering Sunday is a great time to recognise the love, work and investment mums put into their families, we also think it should be more than just one day a year. Why not set aside some quality time to treat mums throughout the whole of March and make an effort to show and tell them how much they mean to a family and how important their role is in family life?

We know our mums would love it if someone booked them a spa break or treatment or a short break escape as a treat! Why not book them a surprise luxury short break at Bluestone, or how about treating them to a spa escape at our very own Well Spa Retreat, enjoying the thermal rooms, a luxury treatment and even some time in Caffi Mor?

Mummy and family bloggers are being urged to back their campaign by using #motheringmarch on social media to highlight the important role they play.

Mums often just get on with it and don’t expect the recognition they deserve. We’re saying stand up and get recognised for those long days, endless chores and support to the family.

Bluestone launched the #motheringmarch campaign last year with the backing of mummy bloggers who supported the move.

One blogger getting behind the initiative is Alana Perrin, pictured below with husband Stuart and son Santino who are currently on a short break at Bluestone. You can follow her on Twitter - @alana_lewis

Alana Lewis Mummyblogger #motheringmarch 

Support Mothering March by using the hashtag #motheringmarch. Let’s get the attention mums deserve.

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