Mwnt Beach and Cenarth Falls - A Perfect Family Afternoon

By Yvonne Buckingham Cenarth Falls

It was warm and sunny with the odd cloud dotted here and there – the ideal summer’s day. Off we went, camper van packed with swimwear, a spare pair of clothes, drinks and snacks thinking: “Where will our afternoon take us?”

For a change we decided to head to the north of the county to a beautiful coastal stop called Mwnt. As much a joy to visit as it is to pronounce - you quite literally read it as you see it -  the views from Mwnt are breathtaking. Even our 4-year-old stopped and stared as we arrive “Wow Mummy... look at that!”

After taking in the picturesque scenery and coastal landscape, we threw our rucksacks on and headed down to the beach. Perfect to say the least; a small glittering pool had formed from the sea which was as warm as a bath. Our 4-year-old’s excitement couldn’t be contained for any longer - in she went with a splash! Quite the graceful water baby, we watched as she proceeded to belly flop, swim, float, build sandcastles and bury Mummy and Daddy. The two of us played tennis in the sun while she happily stood in as ball girl.

Next we all ventured to the water’s edge for a spot of wave jumping. After the initial gasp as we dipped our toes in the chilly surf, our little one decided we really ought to wade in up to our tummies. Who could believe such a free and simple thing could cause a 4-year-old such delight, shrieks of fear and excitement?

After much laughter and frolics in the waves it was time to go, dry off and jump into the camper van to head home. Needless to say, there was sand everywhere! We’d worked up quite an appetite at the beach so we stopped at the quaint village of Cenarth for a pub meal al fresco, overlooking an enchanting waterfall. It was a fun filled afternoon we certainly won’t forget.

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