My Kingdom of the Elves Experience 2017

By Cerys aged 7 ½ Kingdom of the Elves

On Monday I got to go to the Kingdom of the Elves experience at Bluestone, I was really excited! When we got to the Elfport at the Adventure Centre we saw two Elves who gave us all rosy cheeks, even my Dad, and me and my friend Lily got passports too.  The passports had our boarding passes for the flight to Elftopia and spaces for stamps that we had to collect too in the rooms! 

We went into the play hall for some mini golf and then our coloured bracelets were called for. Elf Judy Free met us in Duty Free and we were given our flight suits, they’re green with hoods! I loved mine so much I wore it to bed. Then we went to security where we had to pass through a scanner to prove that we believe in Father Christmas and magic! I had to stand with my hands above my head and wiggle, it was really funny then I got a stamp. 

Then we met the Captain Elf who would be taking us to Elftopia. The plane was amazing, me and Lily sat right at the front and Mummy and Daddy sat behind. We had to wear special flight goggles and we flew right over Wales, although the Captain called it Sharks, and then in to Space. It snowed on the way and it was really windy! We nearly crashed into a star but we were ok; the seats were really shaking though! 

Kingdom of the Elves 2017 Funhouse

When we got off the plane we went into a really cool glittery room where Seren lived. She taught us about the stars in the night sky and how there are reindeers looking over us! She let us try her magic glasses and then we could see them all too. Then we had to find stars hidden in the glittery caves so that we could turn them into stardust for Christmas Eve so that the reindeers could find us! We put the glitter into bags with some oats and decorated them to look like reindeers. I’ve put mine safe in my room so that I can put it out in the garden with a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for Father Christmas! 

We went to the Funhouse room then which my Mum and Dad thought was great. The Elf was really cool with crazy hair! We battled the big people in three games and we won! First we had to collect coloured balls and put them into funnels, then there was a buzzing wire game and then we had to make a band with invisible instruments and play for everyone. 

Because we had got our stamps in every room we then got to go and meet the Snow Elf Queen! She was beautiful, and the room had a huge glitter ball in it and snow balls too.  Her friend Frosty the Snowman told us jokes and we had a party and sang songs! Then it started to snow and we had lots of snow in our hair, and the Snow Elf Queen magicked us back to Bluestone so that we could go home. 

I had a really fun time and can’t wait to get the rest of the stamps in my passport from the other Christmas activities at Bluestone! 

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