New Nappy Recycling Service…

By Kathryn Slade Bluestone

Bluestone National Park Resort has teamed up with NappiCycle to offer its guests with young children a complete Nappy Recycling service!

NappiCycle is the only company in the UK that provides 100% diversion from the traditional landfill disposal method, with the added element of recovery and recycling. 

The company has developed a unique treatment system for the recovery of cellulose and plastics from nappy and incontinence wastes, with the cellulosic fibre being used in the production of industrial spill kits, splashbacks, fibre boards and acoustic panelling. 

The plastics are sent to secondary re-processors for recycling.

What was traditionally viewed as a waste product has now become a resource…

Disposable baby nappies make up 95% of the UK market, generating approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste each year.

According to the Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in Wales report (2015), Absorbent Hygiene products & nappy waste currently accounts for around 9% of all household waste - and constitutes the largest identifiable (and ever-increasing) category of household waste.

With nearly 3 billion nappies thrown away in the UK every year, or 8 million nappies a day, Bluestone National Park Resort was determined to find an environmentally-friendly solution to this problem.

After a 6 month trial in certain lodges, we are thrilled and delighted to extend this service to all of our lodges and cottages.

So the next time you come to Bluestone look out for the specialist nappy caddies!

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