Narberth Nobbler 2016

By Andrew Wright Narbeth Nobbler Trainers

The overnight rain hadn't dampened the spirits of the 250 runners who lined up for the 1st edition of the 2016 Narberth Nobbler, a 10k and half marathon trail run through Canaston Woods which surround Bluestone.

I lined up for the 10k route with a couple of friends from the Narberth Dynamos cycling club (running is not our natural disposition). The first mile headed down through a loosely pathed track before opening up onto a very very quiet road which spaced the runners out before we reached the real challenging section of the course.

Narbeth Nobbler
The next 6k took us through a mix of forest tracks and flooded trails with my new trainers not staying new for very long. We crossed paths with the half marathon route on several occasions and it was good to see so many people smiling and encouraging each other as we crossed. The half marathon included Ben Smith who is in the second half of his challenge to run 401 marathons in 401 days raising money for two UK based bullying charities. (More can be read about his challenge and charities at

Smiling marshals were present throughout the course which was great as I managed to get lost on two occasions running home through the woods in the build up to the event. At 7.5k we reached the feed station equipped with water, energy drinks and the all important jelly babies. Before the last off road section which turned out to be the boggiest of all. By this time my feet were soaked and mud sprayed up my legs and across my back and all you could do was embrace the squelch.

The final mile was a horrid climb made worse by the fact I knew it was coming. I hadn’t seen another runner for the last twenty minutes and had a feeling that I was on course to scrape a top twelve finish (as most of the faster runners had opted for the half marathon). The finish was a welcome sight as was the water and flapjack which was passed over when I crossed the line.

Andrew Narbeth Nobbler
The Nobbler lived up to its name and waking up the next morning I could tell that my legs had been through something special.

For those who like stats:

6.8miles (11km), in 1h5m at a pace of 9.28minutes per mile, elevation gained 837ft and calories burnt 1316.

Details of the next Narberth Nobbler will be released soon at