National Cycling to Work Day

By Andrew Wright Bike

Here at Bluestone National Park Resort we are celebrating Cycle to Work Day!

The aim is to encourage everyone to try a two wheeled commute to work for at least one day. Did you know that 741,000 people in the UK regularly cycle to work according to the most recent census?

We have a few keen cyclists employed at Bluestone who regularly commute to work on two wheels. We caught up with them to find out more about it!


Mike says, ‘Cycling to work clears my mind ready for the day ahead, cycling home allows me to relax prior to walking in through the door!’


James says, ‘I cycle to work and back two to three times a week. It saves money on fuel, gets the endorphins going which makes for a more productive and positive day in work. Because I burn over 300 calories in each direction it means I can eat more and not get fat!’


Andrew says, ‘I’m more of a fair-weather cyclist these days but cycling provides exercise, relaxation and an escape from the real world, plus the twenty mile round trip can save me up to £15 per week in petrol costs.’

For staff there are showers, safe places to leave your bike during the day and even a scheme to help you buy a new set of wheels!

If you’d like to make Bluestone your destination when you cycle to work then check out our current vacancies.

Check Out Our Current Vacancies 

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