National Teddy Bear Day

By Kerry Curson Teddy Bears

So today is National Teddy Bear day and what better way to celebrate than to dig out your favourite childhood friend and take a picture for your Facebook. Okay, so maybe you’re not that interested in National Teddy Bear Day, certainly not enough to go and find a teddy to take a selfie with, but actually out teddy bears and toys were a huge part of childhood – most of the time anyway.

Always there for a cuddle, like a dog but without the responsibility they sat with us while we watched terrible TV, while we cried ourselves to sleep because our bed time was too early or we were afraid of the dark. They watched us cry over boyfriends (or girlfriends), watched us in fitful sleep and awaited us to jump awake so that they could give us a snuggle. Teddy Bears were basically our little nannies! So let’s all take some time to mentally thank Richard Steiff for the most incredible childhood friend that could have ever existed. Despite all of the new technology and kids with mobile phones and tablets, teddy bear sales are still in the billions every year, this is a friend that will stand the test of time.

We’re celebrating in the office, we’ve all brought our bears to work, each one with its own story, most with birthdays and clearly remembered ages. They’ve all met now and have had their own mini Bluestone photo shoot. They’ll have a mini Bluestone break just for today and then they will return to their relevant cubby holes, bed tops or draws until their affections are called upon once more.


Gotta love National Teddy Bear Day!

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