New Activities for 2017

By Kathryn Slade Light Thingy Bugs

Bluestone is the home of Free Range Fun and we have some great new activities for you to experience in 2017! Find out what we have in store and start planning your next adventure in Pembrokeshire today.  

Willow Workshop

Be a part of something special at our Willow Workshop. Let the Bluestone Rangers unlock your hidden potential and master the basic principles in this workshop and let your creativity flow! This project will run through 2017 until October with a special event at our Bwbach Festival!


Shadow Puppet Workshop

Craft, Create and Animate! Under the guidance of our Bluestone Rangers we will help you bring your own characters to life and together put on a performance your whole family can watch and enjoy. With our Rangers by your side, let your imagination soar.

Shadow Puppet Theatres 

Woody Wild Puppets

It’s time to get woody wild and create your very own hand puppet based on our loveable characters. In a craft-tastic workshop led by our very own Bluestone Ranger, unleash those creative little monsters and enjoy watching them perform in their very own musical debut.

Woody Wild Characters 

The Lost Toys

Join us for breakfast and open the lid on a heart-warming tale and a most magical adventure.

This is the story of a broken puppet whose been abandoned in a magical wood, but hasn’t given up hope on growing up and being loved by a family of its own. It’s up to you to help find this puppet some new friends to become a family and live in the Toy Chest all together…

The Lost Toys 

With these new activities as well as a selection of seasonal fun for 2017 there’s plenty of excitement to be had on your Bluestone break. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today!

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Bluestone 2017 Seasonal Activities

We have some very exciting plans for 2017 and wanted to give you a sneak peak as to what you can enjoy as the seasons change.