New Woody Wilds Shows

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We’re excited to reveal our lovable Woody Wild characters are having a shake-up with three new activities for you to enjoy! Find out what you can look forward to during your break from the all-singing, all-dancing bunch. 

What’s New? 

Lola’s Breakfast Show 

From July 3rd 2019  

Lola's Breakfast Show

We’re excited to reveal Lola Ladybird is back for summer 2019 and will be helping you wake-up the Woody Wild way. Combining a delicious breakfast feast with one of Lola’s exciting tales, Lola’s Breakfast Show will help you brush off those morning blues and spark your imagination. Enjoy a breakfast buffet with choices to suit all the family, before the lovely Lola brings some early morning sunshine to the Wildwood Cafe, as she shares her dreams of life on Pembrokeshire’s golden beaches. 

A great start to the day! 

Woody Wild Shows 

From September 2nd 2019 

When the Bwbach Festival arrives in September, we’ll be waving goodbye to our current Woody Wild Shows and welcoming two new ones.  

Woody Wild Sing-Along 

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It’s finally your moment to shine, as we introduce the Woody Wild Sing-Along!  

Join our Woody Wild mascots for an all-singing, all-dancing interactive show that will have you moving, shaking and singing your heart out. Featuring nursery rhymes and well known tunes, the Sing-Along will take you on an adventure into the wonderful and mischievous world of the Woody Wilds, where two of our mascots will battle it out to be crowned the wildest of the bunch.  

Remember, the louder you sing the better you sound! 

Woody Wild Meet and Greet 

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You’ve heard about all the exciting tales of the Woody Wild mascots – now it’s your chance to meet them! The new Meet and Greet hour-long session gives you the chance to spend quality time with your favourite characters, play games together, sing and dance and laugh at their silly antics. 

Each guest will also be given one-on-one time with the mascot, where they’ll be able to take pictures with their new friend and, hopefully, leave with a big smile and lots of memories. 

Time For An Adventure!

Not only are there two new shows, the Woody Wilds are also moving! 


Leaving the Village Hall behind, the mischievous bunch will now be calling Serendome’s incredible Amphitheatre home. We can’t wait to see the gang performing on the stage underneath the UK’s largest umbrella. It will also be the first chance for guests to experience the Amphitheatre, so make sure you don’t miss out and book your tickets now! 

The Woody Wild characters are suited to under-5s, but everyone is invited along to enjoy! 

Moving Date

The shows will be spending a little longer in the Village Hall! They will now be moving to Serendome on September 19th as we put the finishing touches to our brand new Cloud Amphitheatre.**

To book a show simply log into Manage Your Booking and secure your place now.

If you haven't booked your break yet, why not try our Mini Adventurers Break? Our new breaks include the Meet and Greet and Sing-Along, as well as another activity tailored to Under-5s, it's a great break for young families!

Mini Adventurers Break

**Article amended August 27th with opening date (19/09/2019)

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