Onesie Wednesday

By Megan Tapper onsie wednesday at bluestone

A bit of fun in the office with Onesie Wednesday - Safe to say, we’re all having a super fun day at Bluestone HQ .

We’re dressed up in our comfy all-in-ones for our monthly Onesie-Wednesday. I’ll admit, we’re all a little bit hot and sticky because it’s beautifully sunny here in Pembrokeshire today, but the onesies serve as a little bit of fun to see us through to Friday!

We’ve also had a bit of a celebration - as a team, we’ve managed to hit our targets for the year! The office is decorated with balloons, bunting and glittery stars to add to the festivities and there’s plenty of party food tempting us away from our diets - bring on the cakes, buffet and champagne. (Just one glass though; can’t be getting too tipsy!)

Check out the picture of us in our fetching onesies pulling party poppers – don’t we look like a cool bunch of kids?



August Harvest Horseplay

Today, we are once again pleased to hand over the blog reins to Bluestone’s resident historian and storyteller, Terry John, for another peer at periods past. Here, he recounts the various activities and merrymaking that accompanied the August corn harvest.