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Our favourite Patricks in honour of St Patricks Day

By Harriet Scoot

In honour of St Patrick's Day we decided to make a list of our favourite famous people named Patrick!

1. Sir Patrick Stewart OBE

Did you know the legend that is Patrick Stewart has stayed at Bluestone? His favourite was the Dinas lodge!

Dinas lodge exterior 

2. Pat(rick) Sharp

How could we not include the legend that is Pat Sharp? From Fun House to Radio 1, he has been entertaining us since the 1980’s... and not just with his choice of hairstyle!

3. Patrick Kluivert 

This one is for the sports fans! The lads at Bluestone HQ will never forget the absolute screamer he scored in the 1995 UEFA Champions League Final!

4. Patrick Kielty

What would a list of favourite Patrick’s be without this Irish gem? From comedy to TV presenting, he never fails to make us laugh!

5. Patrick Star

Patrick from Spongebob was the first Patrick the dad’s in the office thought of... and quite rightly so. A legend in his own right!

6. Patrick Swayze

We’ll never forget THAT lift in Dirty Dancing, and don’t get us started on the scene from Ghost... we’re welling up at the thought of it.

7. Patrick Monahan

This one is for the music fan in the office – Patrick Monahan is the lead singer of Dan’s favourite band, Train.

There you have it, our favourite Patrick’s.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from all of us at Bluestone! 



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