Outdoor Sunset Cinema At Stackpole Estate - Dirty Dancing

By Kerry Curson Outdoor cinema at Stackpole Estate

We have already written about the fantastic sunset cinema earlier in the summer, but we simply had to talk more about it after making a visit for ourselves on Friday night. It was the night of the ultimate chick flick – which guys always love too – Dirty Dancing. 

The green of the Stackpole Estate was filled with perfectly lined up deck chairs all filled with blanket laden guests enjoying the pre film live music under the stars. Coffee vendors worked tirelessly to warm the cockles of the entire field it seemed, and coloured bottle filled with tea lights lit the way to the main event.

Around 10 of us huddled together on just a couple of blankets with the rest wrapped around us. It wasn’t terribly cold, but just the perfect temperature to feel a little wintery whilst not freezing your butt off to an un-enjoyable point. The folksy style music was just right for the chilled occasion and after a brief stint of adverts followed by a dedication to the late Robin Williams, the opening credits rolled and the incredible music that dominates the whole film began to roar across the crowd. There were whoops and whistles when Patrick Swayze’s character Johnny first entered the resort marquee as the waiters are receiving their orders from the boss. Leather jacket slung casually over his shoulder and dark glasses adding to his mystery – he will forever epitomise the iconic rock’n’roll style of the sixties. 

Patrick Swayze at outdoor cinema

The wolf whistles continued as romance blossomed between Johnny and Baby. It was like a summer pantomime for grownups. My only regret was not considering a deck chair myself, as cosy as it felt on the floor – there was a lot of fidgeting when numb bum set in, a bean bag would have been the perfect solution and one I think I may add to my visit next year. We also had a great view of the screen and it would seem that most did wherever they were sat, as the screen was pretty high. It was quite clear that every detail of the event had been thought out, from the bohemian tea lights to the music and the general viewing experience. There were only a few food vendors as well so it didn’t feel at all commercial and there was plenty of parking.

The atmosphere remained relaxed and enjoyable throughout the film, the food was pricey, as it usually is at any event,  but everybody was welcomed to bring their own picnics – this was a nice touch. It was amazing how quickly everybody picked up and left when the show was over too – just like at a normal cinema – the credits rolled and the people were gone – deck chairs and all. Overall it seems that the whole concept of the sunset cinema has been a resounding success and we look forward to hopefully doing it all again next year. Despite the unpredictable weather last week, we were very lucky that the rain held out too. A perfect relaxed atmosphere created a really lovely night out with a difference. 

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