Pembrokeshire Coast Path Challenge! Amroth to Tenby

By Yvonne Buckingham Coast Path Walk

Yvonne Buckingham, Head of Marketing at Bluestone has undertaken a challenge to explore more of her home county of Pembrokeshire.

With over 50 beaches in the county and miles of beautiful landscapes Pembrokeshire is a beautiful place to live.  However as a Pembrokeshire resident it is sometimes easy to forget how lucky we are, especially when a trip to see the sun setting over the beach is only short drive away.

Yvonne Buckingham, Head of Marketing at Bluestone has undertaken a challenge to explore more of her home county of Pembrokeshire. To do this Yvonne will be walking every mile of the Pembrokeshire Coast path over the coming months and will be sharing her journey through blogs like these.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path was the first National Trail in Wales when it was opened in 1970. The coast path hugs the coastline for 186 miles and along its path displays some of the most beautiful views in the UK. The path starts in St Dogmaels in the north of the county and works its way around to Amroth in the south. With stacks, bridges, limestone cliffs, red sandstone bays, beaches and glacial valleys along the way Yvonne will get to see lots of Pembrokeshire’s hidden treasures.

Here is the first entry on her walking discovery of Pembrokeshire.

‘First 8 ½ miles of walking the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trail completed... only 177 and half miles to go! Walking releases endorphins which boosts your mood reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleeping patterns; and I have to say so far so good!

Start of Walk 

We started at beautiful beach edge of Amroth and walked along taking in the sounds of the sea and beautiful Pembrokeshire fresh air. The walk towards the centre of Amroth was fairly flat and a good training session for what lies ahead. The walk then took us into woodland where we climbed up through rugged steps and coastal edges. On our journey we walked past babbling brooks, relaxing waterfalls; along the beach and waters edge and through carpets of green fields and even some fun on a rope swing, from which the view of the sea were breathtaking! 

Beach Walk  Wood Walk

As we walked on we looked back to see the curving coastline and I was amazed at what we had achieved so far! After a quick pit stop for a sandwich we were off again heading to Tenby. The clouds looked threatening however the breeze soon moved them on and we continued on the walk in beautiful sunshine and no rain! We walked on soft sand, jumped through squelching mud, splashed in water, crunching leaves and on rugged paths throughout the walk which was truly amazing and invigorating.

Bring on the next 10 mile section of the 186...’

To be continued!

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Progress:
  1. Amroth to Tenby
  2. Tenby to Manorbier
  3. Manorbier to Bosherston
  4. Bosherston to Freshwest
  5. Freshwest to Angle
  6. Angle to Pembroke
  7. Pembroke to Milford Haven
  8. Milford Haven to Dale
  9. Dale to Marloes