Pembrokeshire Coast Path Bosherston to Freshwest

By Yvonne Buckingham Green Bridge of Wales

Another weekend, another section of the coast path to explore!

This time Bluestone’s Head of Marketing, Yvonne Buckingham wrapped up warm and laced up her walking boots for the 10 mile journey from Bosherston to Freshwater West. We caught up with her to find out how this weekend’s trek went...

36 miles now under our belt, 150 to go!

Yet again another amazing walk on the coastal path, yet different in many ways. Setting off from the beautiful Bosherston Beach looking back to Broad Haven South was just breathtaking and the weather was exceptionally chilly to start but beautiful blue skies and sunshine appeared throughout the walk.

We headed across the coast and came across mole hills, sheep and cows. We stopped off at St Govan’s chapel which is built into the cliff and is accessible down some steps. There's a doorway into the chapel where there is low stone benches and the view out of the window towards the sea is spectacular.

St Govan Chapel
We then headed on and took a lunch stop with our packed supplies just before we went to see the 'Green Bridge of Wales'. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Wales located close to Castlemartin in the south of the county and adjacent to Stack Rocks and the Cauldron.

The Green Bridge is a limestone arch formed from erosion and weathering. Cracks in the rocks allow the water in where it wears away at the rock, as the sea gradually washes more rock away it creates a cave, when two caves join they form an arch. This was a stunning feature to see on our walk.

Heading from here we crossed fields filled with cows enjoying the sunshine, lifting their heads to say 'good day' and then carrying on where they left off.

We passed through a small Village called Castlemartin and then headed along winding country lanes and then in the distance we could see the blue sea glistening and welcoming us to Freshwater West.

Approaching Fresh West Fresh West

The beach is wide, sandy and backed by dunes. The beach to the south is Frainslake Sands but it's inside the Castlemartin ranges so is out of bounds.

Freshwater West has featured in two recent films - Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Babbling Brook Sand Dunes

It was an amazing finish to yet again a refreshing, fulfilling walk. Well that's it for 2016 - next walk will be in January from Freshwater West to Angle- can’t wait!

To find out more about the beaches that Yvonne visited on her journey and to start planning your own walk visit our Pembrokeshire pages.

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