Pembrokeshire Coast Path Manorbier to Bosherston

By Yvonne Buckingham Looking Back Towards Manorbier

Just Breath Taking ... in so many different ways.

Another week... another coast path challenge, this time Bluestone’s Head of Marketing, Yvonne Buckingham, put on her walking boots for the 10 mile journey from Manorbier to Bosherston. We caught up with to find out how this weekend’s trek went...

We waved goodbye to Manorbier, with a 10 mile walk ahead of us to Bosherston and after completing this section, only 170 miles left.

This walk yet again continued to allow me to clear my mind and escape from the stresses of everyday life. On this particular walk, team work was key and we used some key team skills including problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and resourcefulness which certainly brought us together as a group.


On the walk from Manorbier to Bosherston we took in some amazing beaches including Swanlake Bay which is only accessible from the Coastal Path; it’s a shingle beach but as it was low tide it revealed golden sands and rock pools. Freshwater East which was made up of golden sand backed by dunes; Barafundle Bay a beautiful bay with golden sand and crystal clear waters, and finally ending at Broadhaven South, a wide sandy bay with soft sand that leads from Bosherston Lakes.

Cliff View Fresh East

I have always been drawn to the coast and this brought back memories as a child, taking a bucket and spade on a trip to the beach and exploring rock pools.

When deciding to undertake this challenge; I was keen to improve my fitness and strength and this walk in a good way certainly stretched my muscles. This walk took in a variation of elevation and descents which was a real positive.


There was excitement and anticipation when looking outwards to the sea for boats; or for seals bobbing in the bays which all added to the experience.  We were able to look at each view presented to us from a new perspective depending on the light or angle.

Gorse  Moon Like Rocks

Moon Like Rocks Wild Horse

Surprisingly after this 10 mile walk I had more energy, so it’s true; walking is a natural energiser which certainly helped me feel more alert and alive. So for positive mental health, walking is an absolute must. Bring on the next 10 miles...

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