Pembrokeshire Secrets - St Nons

St Nons

Shhh. Want to know some secrets about Pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire, in case you weren’t aware, has many secret and amazing locations so ahead of St Davids day on the 1st of March we thought we would make it relevant. 

Another one of these hidden away locations is St Nons on the coastal path near St Davids.

This remote location is the place where Non gave birth to Saint David and is marked by the modern Chapel of St Non. The Chapel Non ruin cannot be accurately dated but is unusual in that it is aligned north-south rather than the usual east-west.

Situated close to the ruins of this chapel is her holy well thought to have healing properties and to this day visitors throw coins into the well for luck. Some people go still to visit this Saint at particular times, especially upon St. Nun's Day (March 2nd) and offer pins and pebbles at this well.

St Nons Well
Did you know that water from the well was used by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Britain?

Nearby also stand a modern retreat house offering a place of sanctuary and reflection, as well as workshops and sessions ranging from yoga to support for bereaved parents.

St Nons Chapel
To get to St Nons chapel head to St Davids (SA62 6BN) and follow signs for St Nons Chapel.

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